DualSense Price & Release Date, An Educated Guess or A Leak?

Another round of Playstation 5 rumors starts today, including the price and release date for the Dualsense controller. According to a known leaker, the PS5 controller will launch with a $59.99 price tag and will follow the rumored launch date of the console.

The rumor originates from Twitter by user

As for the Dualsense, its price tag doesn’t come as a big surprise. Most console first-party controllers launch with the same tag. Both Sony and Microsoft will market them on the same wavelength, being from 50 to 60 dollars tops. As for its release date, November now seems closer and closer since most of us expected the release date for PlayStation 5 to be in December.

Now we all have the same burning questions. What will Playstation 5 look like? When will Sony announce its features? For the time being, there’s no clear answer to them.

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