Does Dualsense Describes the Default Color Scheme of PlayStation 5?

It was only a day ago that Sony has announced the first picture of Dualsense, the new controller for Playstation 5. The model looks nothing like what we are used to. However, it does include some interesting information. Does the Dualsense white color mean that Playstation 5 will also release in a white color?

Sony doesn’t have us accustomed to white colors. Even the previous controller, the Dualshock 4 didn’t have a white color at launch. This makes us think that the company might switch things up by giving the Playstation 5 a white color too.

The Dualsense is really a sight for sore eyes. Apart from its futuristic design, the upgraded trackpad gives it a premium vibe. After the slim and clean model of Dualshock 4, the Dualsense comes closer to the design of the Xbox One controller.

Dualsense Playstation 5

The Dualsense color almost confirms the possibility of Playstation 5 having a white body too. The blue LED around the touchpad might also foretell the existence of similar ones on the console. However, Sony might be going the extra mile to reveal a demo version of the Dualsense. This could still mean the original one will be black. We’ll have to wait and see what the Playstation 5 looks like sooner or later.

Except for its new design, Dualsense features “a built-in microphone array” – a first for the DualShock family – that will allow players to communicate online without the need for a headset.

In addition, the touch panel can be coupled with a display screen to provide a touchscreen interface as part of the controller. The touchscreen interface can is controllable by an interactive application to display various images in accordance with the interactive application.

If the announcement doesn’t scream evolution then we don’t know what is. The hype continues to rise as we step closer to the day where Playstation 5 will finally see its first pictures turn up online. We do hope we won’t need to wait until summer to finally see it.

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