Dualsense Firmware Manifest Spotted on SteamDB

A Dualsense Firmware Manifest has been spotted on SteamDB which could mean that Sony might update its Dualsense on Steam soon.

PlayStation 5’s Dualsense is a great controller. So it’s natural for the owners to want to use it with every game they play. That includes PC games as well. While Dualsense users can use their controller on Steam, there are no official PC drivers for it on PC.

Now, Dualsense Firmware Manifest has appeared on SteamDB. This could mean that the controller is getting some sort of update on Steam. Generally, we can deduce that the update manifest refers to the improvements for the concerned hardware.

As you may already know, Dualsense Haptic feedback and Adaptive triggers currently only work on Steam via cable. Dualsense owners have been using third party softwares to make Dualsense features work wireless. So if this firmware manifest actually brings the native wireless support for these features on Steam and PC, it would be great. Fans have been asking for this functionality for a while now. M

Chances of this happening are high because Sony Interactive Entertainment is now taking PC as a gaming platform seriously. Recent success of their games on Steam could have made them realize that they should provide support on Steam and PC. If Dualsense works great on Steam, it will naturally make players to use it to play their games on PC.

So keeping Dualsense updated for Steam seems like a logical choice. Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to bring majority of its IPs to PC by 2024. All of these upcoming games could greatly benefit from an updated Dualsense controller on Steam. Moreover, more developers are now using Dualsense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in their games so that is another reason to improve the its support on PC.

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