Dualsense Edge Replaceable Sticks Won’t Come Free

While it's cool to have replaceable Sticks as a feature in Dualsense Edge, the sticks won't come in the package.

The DualSense Edge, a new customizable controller for the PlayStation 5, has revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022. The new controller comes with a few more buttons, switches, triggers, and more possibilities to remap functions and save them to separate profiles. However, the replaceable analog stick modules will not be free, customers must purchase them separately.

The DualSense Edge looks like the standard controller for the PS5. It has a more customizable design by adding two small buttons below the thumbsticks and a few extra buttons on the back. You can assign any of these to whatever functions you like.

The analog stick caps can be changed. Two different kinds of back buttons and three different stick cap options will be included with the controller. The stick modules themselves can be changed, though.

Stick caps and back button sets will come out of the box of the new DualSense Edge. A USB Type-C cable for charging is also included in the package. However, Sony emphasizes that additional modules like analog sticks will be sold separately.

The new DualSense Edge also allows you to customize each trigger’s travel distance and dead zones. For example, you can gain an advantage in FPS games by shortening the triggers’ travel distances.

Here are the features of the new Dualsense Edge controller:

  • Ultra-customizable controls
  • Ability to save multiple control profiles
  • On-controller user interface
  • Changeable stick caps and back buttons
  • Replaceable stick modules (replacement stick modules will be sold separately)
  • Built-in DualSense wireless controller features

Although the company advertised the new controller as for PlayStation 5, it will also work with the PC.

Sony has not yet announced the price and release date of the Dualsense Edge, but players expect it to hit the market in the coming months. The DualSense Edge is similar to the highly configurable Xbox’s Elite controller. Xbox Elite Series 2 gamepad costs $179 on Microsoft Store so we expect Dualsense Edge price to be in the similar bracket.

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