DualSense Was The Best-Selling Accessory In UK Monthly Charts

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X were both launched in November but it was the former which led hardware sales for the month in the United Kingdom. That includes the PS5 console as well as its new DualSense controller.

According to a report by Games Industry earlier today, PS5 was the best-selling console last month in the United Kingdom which pushed Nintendo Switch into second place. DualSense on the other hand was the best-selling accessory last month in the country with the Pulse 3D headset for PS4 and PS5 in second place.

The DualShock 4 controller for PS4 from the last-generation settled for third place, which secured all of the top three best-selling spots in terms of console accessories for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The best-selling boxed games for November in the United Kingdom though went mostly to third-party publishers. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was the best-selling new game of the month, followed by Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and FIFA 21. Spider-Man: Miles Morales came at fourth place with the Demon’s Souls remake much further down the ladder.

Seeing DualSense reign supreme should come as no surprise. The new PS5 controller went through a significant evolution by featuring haptic feedback sensors and improved adaptive triggers. With a little developer support, DualSense can make players feel in-game actions such as the firing of a weapon, sliding on ice, prying open a door, and such.

Even Valve took notice of the new controller at launch. Steam beta already supports DualSense to an impressive degree. The updates are expected to go live fairly soon and which will allow players to use the PS5 controller to play their PC games.

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