Driveclub Update for April Adds a New Ferrari for Free

While in the past few weeks everything that made it to the news regarding Driveclub was somehow related to Motorstorm and their buggies. This time, Evolution Studios are steering clear of them and introducing you to something much more sleek in design.

They are bring in a present for the Ferrari fans among you!

When the developers release the April update for the racing title, it will also bring you a new car which they have shown off in a new trailer (see above).

Evolution Studios took to the official Twitter profile of Driveclub with the teaser tweet that boasted of “a special gift for all Ferrari fans.”

In another tweet the developers explained how exactly this was going to work. Apparently if you are at levle 5 in the Ferrari Owners Club, this baby is free for you!

Free for reaching Level 5 of the “Ferrari Owners Club” Driver Accolade. There will also be an option to buy it from the PS Store.

Driveclub is supposed to get update 1.14 later this month, but so far we are not sure about the exact release date for it. Keep checking back for more.

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