Dream Daddy Mat’s Ending Guide – Best Choices, Score S-Rank Dates

Dream Daddy Mat’s Ending to help you learn everything you need to know about unlocking Mat’s ending with dialogues that you need to choose in order to woo him.

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Dream Daddy Mat’s Ending Guide

In our Dream Daddy Mat’s Ending Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about unlocking Mat’s ending & best choices to score S-rank dates.

Dream Daddy Mat’s Ending

The first thing that you need to do is to head to the Coffee Spoon. Once there, you need to order coffee & banana bread. When you’re provided with the option, select ‘Right Said Banana Bread’. Once you’re done, continue to progress through the game until you get to the backyard barbeque & speak with Mat, Hugo, & Craig. After a while, choose ‘Well, that’s subjective’ to progress the conversation with Mat & Hugo. After a while, you’ll be asked to fill in your Dadbook.

Dream Daddy Mat’s Dadbook Answers

  • Fall Asleep Watching the History Channel.
  • Castaway on DVD for Instructional Purposes.
  • Comfortable with Crying.
  • The President of Space.
  • Whatever will Make me Cry.
  • Trying to Geocache but Getting Hopelessly Lost.
  • My Sick Vape.
  • When I can Next Get a Cup of Coffee.

Once you’re done with the Dadbook, text Mat in order to head to your first date at the Sound Garden.

Dream Daddy Mat’s First Date

  • Yes, of course, I Definitely Know what I’m Talking about.
  • Tally Ho, Good Sir!
  • (Win “Find That Dad” Minigame).
  • The Youths will Finally Accept me.
  • Fashion.

Dream Daddy Mat’s Second Date

After the first date, wait until you get a chance to text Mat again & meet up at the Coffee Shop. Once there, choose the following answers:

  • Father John Misto.
  • Yeah. Why not?
  • Cite Mutually Assured Destruction.
  • Rip that Golf Fairway.
  • Go with a Classic.
  • Never too late to Get Back into it.

Dream Daddy Mat’s Third Date

Once you’re done with the second ate, continue playing the game until you’re asked to go on the third & final date with Mat. You need to choose the following options in order to score an S-rank:

  • I’LL DO IT.
  • Tomas Kalnoky.
  • (Win the Piano Minigame).

This is all we’ve in our Dream Daddy Mat’s Ending Guide. If there’s anything that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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