Dream Daddy Craig’s Ending Guide – Best Choices, Score S-Rank Dates

In this Dream Daddy Craig’s Ending Guide we have explained how you can unlock Craig’s ending in Dream Daddy. To unlock his ending, first you need to successfully complete all his dates. In this Dream Daddy Craig’s Ending Guide, we have explained all the dates and all the choices you need to make in order to make the dates successful. When you have successfully completed all three dates, you will unlock Craig’s ending. Therefore, with the help of this Dream Daddy Craig’s Ending Guide, you can easily unlock Craig’s ending without any problems.

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Dream Daddy Craig’s Ending Guide

Dream Daddy Craig’s Ending Guide details everything that you need to know in order to unlock Craig’s ending.

Dream Daddy Craig’s Ending

How to Date Craig

Before you can start working towards unlocking Craig’s ending, you must first start dating him. To start dating him, when you get to the point where you need to head out and watch the game, do not go out. Stay at home and sleep. When you wake up, you will receive a text from Craig who is at the gym and wants you to go there. Accept his invitation and go to the gym. At the gym, you must select the following dialogue choices

  • With your help, I am.
  • Training to crush people’s skulls with his thighs.
  • I love learning.

After this hang out with Craig at the BBQ. You will get a choice to speak with Mat, Hugo and Craig. Choose this and then finally select talk with Craig. Hang out with him some more. Here, answer whatever you want. They do not matter. Proceed to the burger time option and then when you finally reach the Dadbook section, choose the following responses.

  • Fall asleep watching the History Channel (Craig secretly likes the History Channel).
  • I don’t need anything. My survival skills have trained me for this day.
  • Tennis shoes with long white socks.
  • Pro skater who is also an astronaut.
  • Anything on LaserDisc.
  • Eating a healthy dinner at 4pm.
  • I frequently forget my phone, keys, and wallet at home, sometimes.
  • How proud I am of my child.

After this, you will be done with you Dadbook. Once you are done with the Dadbook, you will need to select Craig and send him a date message. Setup a date with him.

Dream Daddy Craig – First Date

Your first date with Craig will be at a softball match. During the match, make sure you ask him about three things, which are his kids, softball and business. It is very important that you ask about these three things during the match. Later in the dialogue, you must select the following dialogue options.

  • The right person will come along eventually.
  • I mean…

This concludes your first date with Craig. You are now left with two more dates.

Dream Daddy Craig – Second Date

Keep on playing the game and you will eventually go to a second date with Craig. On this date, when you reach the park, you will engage with him in a long dialogue. During this dialogue, you must make the following dialogue choices.

  • Yeah!
  • Select the shortest “Ugh” options.
  • (Be sure to save the game before searching for River’s capybara).
  • Go to the playground.
  • Interrogate Joseph.
  • That sounds a little suspect, Joseph.
  • No (yes).
  • Try to calm River down.
  • Move to another part of the park.
  • Go to the field.
  • Interrogate River.
  • Good cop.
  • Go to the woods.
  • Interrogate Robert.
  • Bad cop.
  • Go deeper into the woods.
  • Yes
  • Grimy brunch.
  • Gotta treat yourself.

After these choices, continue with the game and will finish your second date with Craig. Now onto the last one.

Dream Daddy Craig – Third Date

Continue playing the game until you reach the point where you go out with Craig a third and the last time. When you engage in dialogue with him, choose the following options.

  • Such a gentleman.
  • There won’t be.
  • Look at Craig’s butt.
  • Let’s put on a show.
  • I’ll race you to the top.
  • You know it!
  • Go overboard with compliments.
  • Hell yeah, bro.

Once you are done with the dialogue, continue until you finally finish the third and the last with Craig. Once this date comes to an end, you will unlock Craig’s ending along with a special photograph so that it serves as a memo for you dating Craig.

This concludes our Dream Daddy Craig’s Ending Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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