Dream Daddy Brian’s Ending Guide – Best Choices, Score S-Rank Dates

In this Dream Daddy Brian’s Ending Guide, we have explained how you can unlock Brian’s ending in Dream Daddy. To unlock his ending, first you need to successfully complete all his dates. In this Dream Daddy Craig’s Ending Guide, we have explained all the dates and all the choices you need to make in order to make the dates successful.

When you have successfully completed all three dates, you will unlock Brian’s ending. Therefore, with the help of this Dream Daddy Brian’s Ending Guide, you can easily unlock Brian’s ending without any problems.

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Dream Daddy Brian’s Ending Guide

Dream Daddy Brian’s Ending Guide details everything that you need to know in order to unlock Brian’s ending.

Dream Daddy Brian’s Ending

How to Date Brian

Brian is the friendliest of all the dads in the game. Still you need to make some certain choices in order to start dating Brian. To start the sequence, head out to the dog park and hang out. Check out different dogs until you see a corgi. At this moment, a person will jog over to get his Frisbee and that person is Brian. Engage in dialogue with him and make the following dialogue choices.

  • Next time I’ll catch it with my teeth.
  • Item: Child Art
  • Item: Grade Card
  • Brag
  • Brag

After these choices, complete the dialogue and head home. Go to bed and skip watching the game. When you receive Craig’s invitation to gym, ignore that and go back to sleep again. Continue playing the game until you reach the backyard barbeque section. Here, choose the option to talk with Robert and Brian. Continue playing the game at your will after that and then later head to the burger time.

After this, you will reach the point where you need to fill your Dadbook. During this, choose the options below.

  • Netflix and grill, baby.
  • My trusty grill.
  • Top-tier grillmanship.
  • A good father.
  • Romantic comedies.
  • Doing a 1,000 piece puzzle together.
  • My book of word jumbles and a pen.
  • How proud I am of my child.

Once you are done with your Dadbook, the deal is all set for your first date with Brian.

Dream Daddy Brian – First Date

Continue playing the game until you go out with Brian on your first date. The first date will take you and Brian to a mini gold course. Play the game with Brian. Winning is not required. During the game, engage in conversation with Brian and select the following dialogue options.

  • I know when to hold ‘em.
  • I fought valiantly and my only regret was being bested.
  • Ask about his daughter.
  • Ask about his dog.
  • No one can out-fish me.
  • This is a great oppor-tuna-ty for friendship!

Continue playing until the first date is over. One down, two to go. Let us move on to the second date.

Dream Daddy Brian – Second Date

Keep on playing the game and after some time, message Brian for the second date. Go out with him for a second time. This time both of you will head to a lake. Once there, engage in dialogue with Brian and choose the following dialogue options.

  • Maybe if I fall in you’ll save me.
  • Put some bait on the hook.
  • Tie a knot or something.
  • Throw the stick towards the woods.
  • Butt pats never fail.

Choose these options and continue playing until the end of the date. Same as the first date, winning is not required here. Simply complete the mini games.

Dream Daddy Brian – Third Date

Continue your adventure until you decide to go on the conclusive date with Brian. On your third and last date, you will met with Brian. During your meet, when you engage in dialogue with him, choose the following options to close the deal with Brian.

  • (Skee ball mini game).
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • (Fish match mini game)

With these choices selected, you will end the last date with Brian. After the date ends, you will unlock Brian’s ending along with a memorandum picture of Brian for your collection.

Hence, this concludes our Dream Daddy Brian’s Ending Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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