Dragon’s Dogma Side Quests Guide

Side-quests are an essential part of just about every RPG game, and Dragon’s Dogma is no exception. There are plenty of Dragon’s Dogma side quests available in both Act I and Act II, and along with the Noticeboard quests are a good way of taking a break from the main storyline and exploring the vast world of the game.

Dragon’s Dogma Side Quests

In this guide we’ll go over the side-quests, the rewards and the way to complete them. For more help on Dragon’s Dogma, read our Noticeboard Quests, Crafting and Vocations Guide.


Deep Trouble
Reward: 1,500xp, 2,000g

Inside the entrance of Cassardis, right next to the well, is Poll. Talk to him and he will tell you about how he was hiding during the attack of the dragon and that there is something in the well. Go to the well and investigate. Poll will give you a Lantern so that you can continue to the Dripstone Cave.

There is some water and oil near the entrance that you can take if you need it and then continue your journey to the north of the water and then to the east at the end.

You’ll notice some blood on the ground, follow it  and you will be led to a corpse with rats. Move along the corridor and you will eventually reach a drop off and some Saurians. Kill them and then return to Poll to get a reward.

Strength in Numbers
Reward: 1,000 xp,1,500 gold

While walking around the Encampments, talk to Sir Berne to get some combat training. You will need to complete three easy challenges. The first challenge involves picking up crates in the surrounding area and taking them to the circle near the gate.

There are some crates at the top of the ladders too.  The second challenge is to break all the Scarecrows. The third challenge is to break Scarecrows using magic and weapons. When all three challenges/tasks are complete, the quest ends.

Guard Duty
Reward: 700 xp

Go to Pablo’s Inn in Cassardis and talk to Madeline. She will request you to accompany her to the Encampment at the end of the Seabreeze Trail. Guide her to the Encampment, killing any goblins along the way and make sure that you don’t leave her too far behind else she will complain about it.

Once you reach the Encampment, Madeline will ask you for a bit of gold. If you give her the gold, she will ask you to meet her in Gran Soren where she will give you a small discount on her wares.

Lost and Found
Reward: 4,000 xp, 3,000 gold

While in Cassardis talk to a man named Adaro and he will tell you that he is worried about Quina who went to Witchwood to get some ingredients for a medicine to fix you up but has not returned.

Go out of Cassardis and head north to the Encampment, and then west up the path and then south until the surroundings start to go foggy.

Continue ahead till you find Quina and then start looking for Selene, the witch. You will have to protect Quina now, as things will get a bit messy. Once you reach the shack at the southeast part of Witchwood, talk to Selene and head back to Cassardis. Upon arrival to Cassardis, talk to Adaro to complete the quest.

Floral Delivery
Reward: 500xp, 1,000 gold

When you enter Benita’s Hut she will tell you that she requires some flowers in order to make a medicine. Exit the village and you will find the Sunbright flowers next to a large tree to the left.

In order to find the Moonglow flowers go down to the beach near the ship wreckage at night time. Once the required flowers have been found, go back to Benita’s Hut and give her the flowers to complete the quest.

Lost Faith
Reward: 200 xp, 300 gold

Enter the chapel which is located at the southern part of Cassardis. Talk to the priest and he will ask you to find his scriptures. Exit the chapel and talk to Lewes. He will tell you that he had the scriptures but dropped them somewhere.

Walk along the right side of the church and go to the small walkway that leads up to the rooftop of the first house. The scriptures can be found on this rooftop. Return the scriptures to the Priest to complete the quest.

Grim Tidings
Reward: 100 xp, 300 gold

Talk to Elvar who is either just outside his house or near the archway leading to the church. He will give you a task to deliver grim news to Merin.

Go to the other fisherman’s house which is located at the northeast of Cassardis, north of the docks. Here you will find Merin. Talk to him and then head back to Elvar’s house and talk to Elvar again to complete the quest.

Reaper’s Scorn
Reward: 6,000xp, 10,000 gold

While in the Pawn Guild, go to the Craftsman house and talk to Austine. Austine will ask you to get a wakestone in order to revive his dead son.

When you enter the Everfall and are about to finish the “Lure of the Abyss” quest, you can find the last wakestone fragment to complete the wakestone. Use this wakestone on Austine’s son to revive him and the quest is completed.

Troublesome Tome
Reward: 8,000xp, 15,000 gold

While in the streets of Gran Soren, you will get to meet Steffen who is looking for Salomet’s Grimoire. Visit Camellia at the Apothecary and you will learn that the thieves are likely to have it.

Leave the city and go towards the Encampment and there you will find a man named Rowland who is being attacked by some bandits. Save Rowland and he will tell you that the Southern Bandits have the Grimoire.

Go to the West and there you will find the SouthWest bandits fort called the Ruins of Aernst Castle. Enter the fort and talk to the leader called Maul. Depending on the level you are at, he with either ask you to complete one of two quests or will walk away.

Go to the top of the castle keep and jump to find a chest at the very top. Open the chest and you’ll get the Grimoire. Go back to Grand Soren, find Steffen and hand him the Grimoire. The quest is complete.

Search Party
Reward: 10,000 Gold,10,000 Exp, 35 Rift Crystals, Goddess Cameo, Wroth Mask

In order to initiate the quest you will have to make 10 different deals with Reynard. Once Arisen is recognized by Reynard as familiar customer then a quest will be offered to him in which he would be asked to bring a piece of scrap Iron. Once he brings him one the quest will continue.

The second quest process will be carried out after you make five more deals with him. The next task would be to bring Miasmite.

Then strike 10 more deals and you will come to know that Reynard is actually looking for his lost father. You will have to retrieve six journal entries scattered all over Gransys. You have to fetch them:

These entries are located in:

  1. Inside a chest behind a tent in The Encampment.
  2. Inside a chest in the second level underground of The Catacombs.
  3. Inside a chest in the Venery in Gran Soren, only accessible from the rooftops. Climb up to the roof of The Black Cat and look for a tiny alley just northwest, only reachable with a ladder.
  4. Inside a chest in the camp near the Miasmic Haunt in Barta Crags.
  5. Inside a chest in Soulflayer Canyon.
  6. Inside a chest in The Ancient Quarry.

An uninvited Guest
Reward: 3,500 Gold, 2,000 Exp, 10 Rift Crystals

Talk to the victims of the theft then devise a plan to catch the thief with Pablo then at night speak to Pablo again and excute that plan.

You can catch the thief by any means necessary and it will not kill him. Once you catch him the screen will fade to black and you will be back to the inn.

The thief is actually a member of Iron Hammer Bandits. Talk to Pablo to finish the quest.

Dying of Curiosity
Reward: 8,000 Gold,5,000 Exp, 15 Rift Crystals

Merin is concerned that Valmiro is gone missing when you talk to him at the Inez Alehouse or at the beach. Talking to the villagers to inquire about Valmiro is optional but it will give you some insight.

After that you will have to go to the beach a find Valmiro lying there. He will need a healing herb (Greenwarish). He will apologize and set off towards the encampment.

You will find him lying under a tree outside encampment and there he will ask for 2 of those healing herbs and then head off towards Witchwood.

Take the Manamia Trail and then go up the mountains to reach Witchwood and find Valmiro collapsed in the middle of the roads just inside the woods.

Give him three healing herbs and he will apologize and promise to not do this again and go back home.

Then you will talk to Merin in Cassardis and you quest will be completed.

Chasing Shadows
Reward: 7,000 Gold, 4,500 Exp, 10 Rift Crystals, Madeleine’s Shop opens

Talk to Mason to start the quest in Gran Soren near the Fountain or resting area then go towards the Noble Quarter in the night.

Wait at the entrance of the Knight’s Manor until you are directed by Arisen’s view towards the passage gate that takes you to the Noble Quarter.

Follow the suspect without him noticing you until he gets to the Abondoned house in Venery. Report whatever happened to Arsmith and the quest will be completed.

Escort Duty
Start by talking to Fournival at Fournival Manor. Remember that you would need a Flask of Water so keep one handy. You are not allowed to leave Gran Soren after starting this quest or it will fail.

Talk to Synome after speaking with Fournival and answer with yes to start.

You will have to follow her to the Fountain Square without bumping into her in any waay to get maximum rewards. Then you will play hide and seek with her there and you will find her in either of the following places:

  1. At Union Inn behind Asalam
  2. Behind Arsmith’s Alehouse on the left side

Find her immediately and then talk to her to carry on with the quest. Again follow her through the market and maintain your distance as to not bump into her.

She will look at the stalls and then move towards Craftsman’s Quarter. Talk to her when she has stopped.

She will ask for water at the gate, give her that Flask of water that we mentioned above. Talk to her again and get over with the final part of the quest which is to race her to the Northern gate of the city.

Let her win and don’t bump into her and don’t stop moving as well. You will get up to 10,000 Gold, 7500 Experience points and 150 Rift Crystals as reward.

Of Merchants and Monsters
Reward: 8,500 Gold, 5,000 Exp, 15 Rift Crystals

To start this quest, speak with Alon at the exit of the Ancient Quarry. He will tell you a story of trvallers that were stopped due to a blocked gate. You have to unlock the gate and to do so follow the left wall and find the gate that has a pressure plate in front.

The key is inside the room that will open by standing on the pressure plate. Go to the main centre path after getting the key. Loot whatever you find on the way.

Head south and the door will be opened using the Quarry key then you will come across a stone gate which will be opened by a lever. There will be Ogre that you have to take out in order to open the main route through the quarry.

There will be another pressure plate available after you have killed the ogre, standing on it will open a new path. Now Alon can return as the path is opened but there are still enemies in there that you have to kill in order to complete the quest.

Land of Opportunity
Reward: 5,000 Exp. & 10 Rift Crystal

You can complete this quest in two different ways. The first one is to either evict the family and the other is to let them stay by buying the land from Fournival.

You will start the quest out by speaking with Hasper who you will find behind the inn at noon. He will let you know that, he will only decide after discussing it with his family.

After that you will go to the fountain and find Sara there. She will agree to move out after one day as she is indecisive at the time.

Then you will go to Fournival Manor to talk to Pip at which he will get angry and run away. You will find him in the Craftsman Quarter on top of the barn.

To get there you have to get to the roof of the adjacent building and jump from there. He will run from there as well and now you will find him in the Urban Quarter under a bridge. Now when he tries to flee you will have to catch him without killing him.

Once speaking with all of them you will have to choose whether to evict them or not.

If you choose to evict them, Pip should’ve been caught by you and you should’ve convinced Sara to move out. You will talk to Jasper again on which he will demand 30000 Gold which you must pay in order to finish the quest. Once you do, go back to Fournival and talk to him. He will reward you with 40000 Gold.

The other option is to talk to all of them and it doesn’t matter if you got the approval of anyone other than Jasper. Fournival will verify how the process of eviction is going and upon learning that it is very difficult to do so, offer you to buy the land at the price of 80000 Gold.

If you go this route, there will be no reward for you from Fournival but you will get an Antique Panoply, Matured Greenwarish and a Pretty Stone from Jasper, Sara and Pip respectively.

Farewell, Valmiro
Reward: Malecryst, Black Freakish Scale, Hydra Gallstone

Vakmiro will tell you that he is fed up of staying in the village and wants to venture out. You will have to get some items for him in the order mentioned below:

  1. Potent Greenwarish
  2. Lantern
  3. Sour Ambrosial Meat
  4. Pilgrim’s Charm

You can buy all of this from anywhere. After that you will have to help Valmiro take his stuff; total of four boxes to the boat. Just simply pick one of the boxes up and take it to the boat.

Once you have placed all boxes near the boat, Valmiro will leave after giving you the rewards.

Supplier’s Demand
Reward: Gold: Varies, Exp.: Varies, Rift Crystals: Varies. Improved store wares

You will be asked by Madeleine to get her a prized idol which will get beeter supplies for her store by being a status symbol. You can now either get her real or forged idol and the quest will be completed.

You can get a gold idol as a reward for completing the quest Escort Duty for Symone and a silver one after finishing Put the Eye out. The Bronze idol is indie the lair of The Dragonforged at Hillfigure Knoll and also at the Witch’s House in the Witchwood.

Talent in Bloom
Reward: 15,000 Gold, 10,000 Exp, 30 Rift Crystals

Quina will request you to show that she is devoted to the faith by showing the Blessed Flower to someone else that will also prove that she is a healer.

You can gift this flower to different people and the quest will be completed. But you cannot give it to just anyone, he/she should be a high ranking member of the Faith.

A Parting Gift
Reward: 10,000 Gold, 6,000 Exp, Ne’er-Do-Part

Clarus will ask you to give Quina a Pilgrim’s Charm before she departs for Auldring’s Grand Cathedral. You have to collect one yourself and not buy it as Clarus demands it but if you do the quest would still be completed but you would get lesser rewards.

To get all the rewards you have to go to ctacombs and meet Quina at the southernmost entrance near the ladder. You have to support her decision and she will accompany you now.

There is a pilgrim’s charm in the first large chamber but it is protected by a specter. Give this charm to Clarus and the quest will be completed.

The Dragon’s Tongue
Reward: 25,000 Gold 10,000 Exp, Arisen’s Bond

There is an Ancient Tablet inside Guardian’s Grave that Rowland wants decrypted. You will have to take it to a priest, it can either be the priest in Cassardis called Clemente or it can be Geffery at Gran Soren Cathedral or any other priest will do.

Your best bet is to take it to Hillfigure Knoll and there the significance of this tablet will be ecplained by Dragonforged and the tablet will turn into Arisen’s Bond.

Mettle against Metal
Reward: 30,000 Gold, 30 Rift Crystals, Stagnant Surge

You have to defeat a Metal Golem in order to complete this quest. Go to Witchwood and near the Witch’s house there is a tunnel under the tree.

You will find the Golem in the swamp area on the island. You cannot do any damage to this Golem as its body is invincible.

The only way to defeat this creature is to destroy all the disk present throughout the battlefield using physical attacks.

Supply and Demand
Reward: 12,000 Goldm, 6,000 Exp, 20 Rift Crystals

The quest is to get supplies for the week for Ser Daerio. Travel to Gran Soren. Your options are to either talk to the quard outside the main door; Ser Elmest or to Julien.

The better way is to tal to Julien that the garrison needs supplies for one week and you will get five portions of Ambrosial Meat which you will take back and the quest would be completed.

Dutchess in Distress
Reward: 35,000 Gold, 25,000 Exp, Love-In-The-Rough

After an ill-fated meeting princess Aelinore is locked away to the northern Manse. Begin the quest by Speaking to the Duke. You will have to find princess’ Maid Mirabelle to learn more information but Ailenore would’ve already devised a plan for the Arisen to sneak her out of the castle.

Then you will have to follow her to the Blighted Manse which is in the northeast of Hillfigure Knoll and to get in you would have to assume the disguise of a Royal guard. Since pawns cannot enter the mansion the Arisen are on their own inside.

All the players have to keep their disguises own and not attack any of the other guards in order to maintain their cover.

Escaping the mansion is much harder than finding Aelinore. As you have to find a way to get out while fighting guards.

Then you will have to make your way through the sewers where Aelinore will complain to carry her through the sewer which is not necessary.

When you get to the halfway point the pawn will appear to help you out and when you get out the knights will take over the rescue operation and the quest will be completed

ACT II – Side Quests

Deeper Trouble
Reward: 6,000 xp, 8,000 gold

Once you’ve returned to Cassardis, you will notice that the well that you had previously cleared out seems to have voices coming from it. Go down in the well and you will find that there are more monsters that need to be cleared out.

Go to the area where you previously fought the Saurians and there you will notice another cave opening. Enter the area and you’ll find lots of Saurian eggs on the walls of the cave.

Start destroying the eggs and Saurians will show up. Fight and defeat the Saurians which also include the mother of the eggs. Once you’re done killing them all, return to the entrance of the well and talk to Rorric, this will end the quest.

Witch Hunt
Reward: 10,000 xp, 20,000 gold

After your first meeting with the Duke, when you return to Fountain Square, talk to Brice and he will  inform you that Selene is in trouble. Go to the Witchwood (south) and go to Selene’s Hut. Once you reach there a golem will awaken.

To kill he golem hit it with the glowing discs until they all shatter. Once the golem is taken care of, go through the door that it was blocking and go all the way to the Guardian’s Grave. There you will meet Selene and Sofia, talk to them and once the conversation is over, the quest is complete.

Nameless Terror
Reward: 12,000 xp, 30,000 gold

When you leave Gran Soren a guard names Ser Rickert will stop you and warn you against a possible ambush by a strange man who approached him and asked him about your whereabouts. In order to find these culprits you will have to visit 5 different locations at night time.

These locations are Outside the Ancient Quarry mines at night, just over the bridge to the north of Gran Soren, on the road between the Encampment and Cassardis, next to the Beach, north of the Mountain Waycastle on the path that leads to Gran Soren, the final ambush will appear after the first four have been dealt with.

It is a small fight against an enemy called Zero. Zero can be found by going to the entrance of Cassardis where he will appear while taunting you. Defeat him and the quest is over.

An Innocent Man
Reward: 6,000 xp, 10,000 gold

While in Cassardis , go to the beach where you will meet Tomlin. Talk to him to find out that his father is a gardener in Gran Soren at the castle and he has gone missing. Go to the castle and talk to the guard there to find out that there is a man who is locked up in the dungeon.

Go to the Dungeon area and talk to Ansell who is in his cell. Use the skeleton key to open up the cell where he is locked up and lead him out to the aqueduct where he will meet Tomlin. The quest is then complete.

Honor and Treachery
Reward: 15,000 xp, 40,000 gold

In Gran Soren, talk to Aldous and then leave to help soldiers at the Mountain Waycastle. At Waycastle talk to the guard and he will tell you to return to Gran Soren.

Use a ferrystone and head to the field area where a cockatrice will be attacking. Once you have defeated the cockatrice go and talk to Aldous to complete the quest.

Idol Worship
Reward: 3,500 xp, 10,000 gold

Caxton’s quest is available when you can see the “?” above his head. Once the question mark appears all you have to do is to give Caxton any Idol you wish to, gold, silver or bronze and the quest is complete

No Honor Among Thieves
Reward: Badge of Amity, 3,500 xp, 4,000 gold

Talk to Maul at the Ruins of Aernst Castle and he will offer you a quest. Go to Heavenspeak Fort which is located northwest of Gran Soren.

Along the way you will come across an all-female bandits group. Fight the bandits and kill ten of them and return to Maul to get a Badge of Amity and conclude the quest.

Thick as Thieves
Reward: 5,000 xp, 8,000 gold

Talk to Ophis across the bridge in Heavenspeak Fort to learn that she wants you to go to the south of Gransys to kill 10 bandits.

For this you will either need to have females with you or dress your men like females else you will get attacked at the entrance. Once you kill the bandits return to Ophis to complete the quest.

Arousing Suspicion
Reward: 6,000 xp, 10,000 gold

Talk to Mirabelle who is in the first set of doors after the verdict for Fournival has been read and you have entered the castle. She will tell you about Duchess. Meet Mirabelle again later during sunset or night time in the garden.

She will inform you that the Duchess is in the in her room. Enter her tower, and after a scene you will have a choice to help her or not. To progress further in the sidequest, you must accept and play through a dungeon. Make your way through the slums and the sidequest will finish.

The Conspirators
Reward: 18,000 xp, 35,000 gold

A soldier name Fedel can be found around the castle. He will request that you meet him at night for some business. Meet him in the castle gardens during the night time. He will request you to retrieve a letter from Soulflyaer Canyon. Head north to the canyon and enter from the west entrance near the Greatwall.

Go left and up the slope to find a Cyclops. Go to the right and slide down to the left side. Make the turn again and slide down another water slope, keeping to the right. Walk along the ledge to find the package. Return it to Fedel to complete the quest.

Bad Business
Reward: 8,000 xp

Enter the Madeline shop to figure out that Madeline has left town due to some crime-related reasons. Talk to Nettie and Arsmith at the Alehouse to find out she is somewhere in the city.

Go to the Aqueduct and see her flee. Exit outside to follow her and make your way to the right to find her crouched. Talk to her, and when the guards arrive to arrest her, throw some gold to her and the quest will complete.

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