Dragon’s Dogma Pawns Guide

In many RPG games, to face the seemingly endless challenges, players usually have partners in different forms to play the supportive role. In Dragon’s Dogma, the developer has introduced the concept of Pawns. In the guide below, we dive deep into the whole Dragon’s Dogma Pawns gameplay mechanic.

Dragon’s Dogma Pawns

Pawns are the creatures from some other world and the thing I like the most about them is that they lack any emotions or willpower.

They are bound to follow orders. They appear humanly, and the glowing scar on the face corresponds to the particular Arisen.

Hiring Pawns

Now the question is, how one can recruit these creatures? There are different ways like you can spend some rift crystal points to recruit them.

You may also find some Pawns for free. One other way to bring them into your world is through Rift Stones, which are scattered throughout the towns.

Generally, any pawn that is at a higher level that Arisen will cost you Rift Crystals, while pawns of equal or lesser level will be free.

The Pawn you have been able to bond with will stay at your side and will fight with you in the battles. They really come in handy during boss fights.

Before hiring any pawn, you can also view its stats, armor, bestiary, inclinations, quest and travel knowledge. The pawns that you hire will not gain any experience points or discipline points when they’re in a party, though they will earn Rift Crystals for their Arisen. You cannot hire pawns if the main pawn is lost, or if it’s in the Rift. Pawns that are added to the favorites list will appear more often in the world.

Any type of Wandering Pawns maybe recruited out in the world if you talk to them on the roads and paths.

Corrupted Pawns

In certain situations, pawns may turn against the Arisen and attack them. This is because of Dragonkin or Ghosts that end up possessing them. You can cure such pawns with specific potions or High Halidom. You may also find Possessed Pawns in The Everall (Post-Dragon) in the Chamber of Lament.

Other types of pawns also have different roles since many get separated from their Arisen but continue to cater to their former master’s wishes.

Customizing Pawns

You can customize your Pawn and improve its weapons and skills, which are also quite useful.


You can customize the entire appearance of your pawn once it has been created. If an Art of Metamorphosis or Secret of Metamorphosis has been purchased, traits such as sex, age and name can be changed as well.

The hairstyle, color and the voice of a main pawn can be altered at Devyn’s Barber Shop that is located in Gran Soren through gold

You can alter the Main Pawn’s (by learning through Rift Stones) AI at the Pawn Guild by using the Knowledge Chair through some consultation questions.

Leveling Up Pawns

The Main Pawn gets XP and Discipline Points like the Arisen. Though if the Main Pawn became forfeit whilst the Arisen kept getting XP, the pawn who’s levelled lower, will rapidly gain experience points when they rejoin the party.

Every pawn has their own pool of experience, discipline and ranks and levels in vocations. Pawns gain knowledge of areas as they complete quests and travel with the Arisen. They also gain knowledge of secret paths and locations.

If the Arisen hires a pawn that already has a certain level of knowledge about a particular quest or an area, the pawn will help them with completing that particular quest. This includes showing them the way or helping them find hidden and secret paths of sorts.


These alter how a pawn will behave when they are in a party, or during combat, and whilst exploring. The basic idea of Pawn Inclinations is combat behavior. Whenever a pawn is created, a basic set of questions are asked which assign a particular inclination to that pawn.

The inclinations change with time, depending on the behavior of the Arisen. One can also alter inclinations by using Inclination Elixirs or by going to the Knowledge Chair. Two of the inclinations are showed in the Status section during the pause menu, whilst the third one can be revealed after the conversation at the Knowledge Chair.

Pawn Speech

Pawns may also speak whenever they feel like it, especially when its of use to that party. What pawns speak in battle is very much related to their personality. This includes their reactions towards being saved, or after they’ve saved the Arisen, or once they’re defeated. What pawns utter may also be dependent upon Pawn Inclinations.

Death of Pawns

The Pawns aren’t the invincible creatures, and they can die. So if you don’t want the Pawn to get back to its world again, try to revive them as soon as possible.

Other players can use your Pawn online, but you will be awarded with some rift crystals as a rent. The player who rents them can also give them gear as gifts so it is a good way to level and gear up your pawn even when you aren’t playing the game.

If you know anything else about the behavior of these Pawns, you can let us know in the comments below. For more help on Dragon’s Dogma, read our Crafting, Vocations and Augments Guide.

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