Dragon’s Dogma Online Will Be Three Times Larger Than Dragon’s Dogma

The earlier announced Dragon’s Dogma Online will be three times in size to that of the original single-player game, Capcom has revealed.

In an interview with Famitsu magazine, the developer explained that the free-to-play online title will originally be the same size as Dragon’s Dogma at launch, but will eventually grow past that by three times through expansion packs.

Capcom also mentioned that the game would retain the core feel of the original title, but feature a completely new story along with plenty of side-missions that branch out the lore and exploration elements to give players plenty to do in the world of Dragon’s Dogma Online.

At one point, Capcom was seriously considering going for a subscription-based model, but ultimately decided against it in order to open the game up for more people. I’m pretty sure that also had to do with how subscription models are despised by players in this age.

Kento Kinoshita, director of the original game, is leading Dragon’s Dogma Online, along with Minae Matsukawa as producer.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is in development for the PS4, PS3 and PC and will release in Japan later this year. A western release has not been confirmed.

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