Dragon’s Dogma Online Gets New Amazing Screenshots

It has been a while since we talked about Dragon’s Dogma Online, more than a month to be exact and that too was when the developers were talking about the Alpha test that was to start in April.

After staying silent for quite some time, Capcom has decided to make the fans talk about it again. They have released a bunch of new, and pretty amazing screenshots of the game which are bound to arouse interest in you.

These screenshots feature everything from the friends to the foes and from your playable characters to the fights that they are going to be in. There also are certain screenshots that either show off a boss or two and others still that focus on the general environment of the game.

We have put up all of them in the gallery below and we would love to hear what you make of Dragon’s Dogma Online based on these images.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is being developed by Capcom as a sequel to the 2012 title Dragon’s Dogma. The game is supposed to be a free to play title that will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Interestingly, the original title in the series was also released to Xbox 360 but we don’t see either one of Microsoft’s consoles in the list of platforms that the sequel will be released to.

It is expected that Dragon’s Dogma Online will get a release date in summers this year at least for the Japanese markets.

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