Dragon’s Dogma Online Could Come to the West

The social media networks of Dragon’s Dogma Online have been pretty busy in the past couple of days, sharing new information about the game’s settings and its monsters.

The standalone story is set in Lestania, in the year 322. At one time the land was ruled by a White Dragon, whose blessing maintained peace and order in the country. However, due to a great calamity, the White Dragon lost its power, purging the land into darkness.

Lestania is mostly overrun by orcs, who are very aggressive and skilled in the use of various weapons. Each tribe is led by the most fiercest of warriors from within their ranks and none of them know mercy.

The Lindwurm is another creature that players will come by in the game. These sea dragons have bluish scales that are covered in electric sparkles. Approaching them carelessly will leave you open for shock therapy. They are also able to spit water and their breath is very powerful.

If you’re very unlucky, you might also come by the Colossus, a large giant with a horn on his forehead.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is being released in Japan but there’s a possibility of seeing the game launch in the west. According to Producer Yoshinori Ono the game is first releasing in Japan because that’s where their largest user-base is. However, that doesn’t mean the game has no chance of coming overseas later down the line.

via DualShockers

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