Dragon’s Dogma Noticeboard Quests Guide

Apart from the normal Side-quests and the Main quests in Dragon’s Dogma, there are also a large number of Noticeboard quests to complete too, as we will explain the Dragon’s Dogma Noticeboard Quests guide below.

These Noticeboard quests, upon completion, grant players various rewards including money and XP which can help them get better gear and survive the more difficult fights.

Dragon’s Dogma Noticeboard Quests

Do note that for escort-type Noticeboard quests (in which you must escort a person to a particular place), it is highly recommended that you have a Ferrystone for each one, and that you start off your travel in the escort quest early in the in-game morning, as at night time various sorts of more difficult enemies start to arise.

For more help on Dragon’s Dogma, read our Armor Locations, Weapon Locations and Everfall Chambers Guide.



He Should Be So Lucky

“Slay 5 Rabbits”
Reward: 500 XP, 500 gold

If you go out of the village, there is a large tree on the left side. Check the tree out to find a few rabbits near the base of it. Become heartless and kill them all! That should be enough to finish this easy quest.

Rat Catcher

“Slay 5 Mice”
Reward: 500 XP, 500 gold

Mice can be easily found in lower levels, out of which the quickest accessible one is a well near the exit gate.

Goblin Raid

“Kill 10 Goblins”
Reward: 1,500 gold

While trotting to the Encampment, you can find a few goblins lurking here and about just a little off the path to the area. Kill 10 of them and enjoy the gold.

Nest Eggs

Defeat Thirty Saurians

Reward: 500 Gold, 500 Exp, Aneled Snags

You can find them all over Gransys and in Vestad Hillls and along the north of Gran Solren river that runs from west to east and the Estan Plains.

The Abomination

“Slay the Gorechimera”

Reward: 500 Gold, 500 Exp, Aneled Cyclops.

There is one on the Unusual beach which is outside the Cassardis, kill it and get the quest completed.

Winged Reaver

“Defeat the Griffin”

Reward: 500 Gold, 500 Exp.

You can slay any griffin at any place in order to complete this quest. But there is a Griffin at Hillfigure Knoll specifically if you cant find anywhere else

Gran Soren

Witch’s Brew

“Give Selene a Gransys Herb to acquire a draught of herb ale”
Reward: 6,000 XP

Head to Witchwood and you’ll notice fog. You have to destroy the objects causing the fog to be able to use the map. Anyways, make your way through the woods to arrive at house in which Selene lives. The Gransys Herb is readily available just outside her house.

If you can’t find it there, you can even find it inside the house (which makes you wonder what in the hell this quest is for). Once you have acquired it, give it to Selene and she’ll make the ale for you. Go back to Gran Soren, and hand the ale to Arsmith.

Foreign Service

“Acquire 20 Seeker’s Tokens”
Reward: 200,000 gold

There are two ways to complete this quest: one with money and the other with hard-work. Obviously, the former is much easier. Gold tokens called Seeker tokens are scattered all across Gransys, and it’s your job to find 20 of them.

Most of them are found in treasure chests, and you can either go around searching for all 20, or you can grab one, take it to the Black Cat and have the forger create new ones for 3,500g each, provided, of course, that you have the money. The choice is yours. Once everything’s done, return to Arsmith.

A Lost Cause

“Acquire a Snakeskin Purse”
Reward: A Golden Bastard

Go northwest of Gran Soren to the river between the Prayer Falls and the Nameless Falls. In the river, search for splashing of fish.

Walk into the area where they are splashing, and check there. You may find a Snakeskin Purse there. If you don’t, search for some other splashing set of fish, and repeat.

Reveille Revelry

“Acquire 50 War Bugles”
Reward: Soultaker

This is a rather daunting quest by itself, but if you manage to do another Noticeboard quest in Cassardis later on, you’ll be on your way to complete this.

That Cassardis noticeboard quest rewards you with 40 War Bugles, and you can get the rest forged at the Black Cat. However, finding them otherwise can be a tough task. I’d leave this for later if I were you.

Trial of Corruption

“Get the Tribute Ledger”
Reward: 30,000 gold

In the Noble Quarter, go to Fournival’s house and head upstairs. Go in the backroom and search for the ledger on the ground near a shelf. Pick it up and return to Arsmith.

Epicurean Delights

“Acquire 5 meals of Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat”
Reward: Undulant Gold

Finding the Ambrosial Meat can be a difficult task. If you’re specifically working for this quest, make sure to keep an airtight vial with yourself wherever you go. If you manage to come across some Ambrosial Meat, immediately place it in the vial to preserve it.

Once done, take it to the Black Cat and get it forged four times. This is the best way to work, as Ambrosial Meat is generally rare and doesn’t have many specific areas.

Scouting Mission

“Escort Mercedes”
Reward: Lustrus Targe

Travel with Mercedes and escort her to the Shadow Fort, located west of the Encampment. You can either take the long road (which is filled with enemies) or opt for a relatively safer route of the tunnel near the Ancient Quarry entrance, west of Gran Soren. Taking Mercedes all the way there will get you her shield.

Material Witness

“Escort Barnaby to Bloodwater Beach”
Reward: Sight Earring

Grab a Ferrystone and start your journey to Bloodwater Beach with Barnaby. You will need to go south past Waycastle and then west, just before the Encampment. The easiest way to do this is use the mentioned Ancient Quarry entrance shortcut, and then head south of the Shadow Fort to find the beach.

The Chefs Blade

“Escort Sara to Prayer Falls”
Reward: 10x Harspud Milk

This is another ‘Escort’ quest, meaning it’s tedious and lengthy just like the other ones, so a Ferrystone is oh-so-necessary. Leave Gran Soren, and head north past the bridge.

Ignore any forks or separations and just keep heading further north, past the Mining Hut and the Wilted Forest till you arrive at a lake. Follow it west an Abbey that has the Prayer Falls at its edge.

Company for the Road

“Escort Asalam to the Healing Spring”
Reward: Platinum Ring

Getting tired of these long, tedious escort quests? Well, even if you are, here’s another one for you, and this time it’s farther than anything else, so you’ll be a fool for not grabbing a Ferrystone.

You’re going north again, and going north past Hillforge Knoll till you can go west. Continue your tiring journey west and you’ll eventually come to the Healing Spring with the large crystal structure in its center.

Elsewhere Bound

“Escort Selene to Healing Spring
Reward: Perfect Herb Ale

Yay, another escort! Thankfully, you already know where the Healing Spring is, so you can take Selene to it. Again, Ferrystone is a total must.

Thanks Mislaid

“Acquire the Chamerlain’s Affidavit”
Reward: Grievous Gold

Fournival’s house in the Noble Quarter seems to have everything. Go to it and directly across the front door and look at the counter. It’ll be there, so just grab it and get it back to Arsmith.

Trial of Corruption

“Acquire the Tribute Ledger”

Reward: 40,000 Gold, 5,000 Exp.

You will find this ledger on the second floor next to the fireplace of the open room at Fournival Manor. Just get it to Arsmith and your quest will be done

Pawn Guild

Dire Straights

“Slay 15 Dire Wolves”
Reward: 10,000 gold

Interesting pun, this quest title – it’s a tribute to the famous British rock band Dire Straits. Anyways, Dire Wolves can be found in many different places, and their occurrence increases during evening to night time.

You’ll find plenty of them north of Gran Soren, past Hillforge Knoll. Remember, the requirement is Dire Wolves, not normal wolves – there’s a difference.

Dire Need

“Slay thirty Dire Wolves”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 3000 Exp, Aneled beak

Just as the former quest you have to take out thirty dire wolves instead of 15. You will find them all over Northface Forest. They are also abundant at Barta Crags in the west of Greatwall Encampment

Bone of Contention

“Defeat 36 skeletons”
Reward: 60 skulls

Watergod Altar and Everfall are the places you should be visiting for slaying so many skeletons. Go there and do the job.

Sisters in Peril

“Kill 2 Ogres”
Reward: 10,000 gold

You can go around searching for Ogres and fight them on for the large amount of time it takes to kill one, or you can head to Watergod Altar and Everfall, find 1 in each of the two places, and lure each one off a ledge.

Both places have one, and it’s as simple as taking candy from a baby – not that I’ve ever tried that, of course (the baby part, I mean).

The Absent Apprentice

“Kill 45 Rabbits”
Reward: 50,000 gold

Oh yay, so many more innocent rabbits to kill. Refer to the first Noticeboard quest in Cassardis; you’ll be able to find plenty of bunnies to slaughter under that tree.

If you’ve killed them all, you can simply enter and exit a town to find some more in the same area. When you reach the number 45 you will prove that you are a heartless moron who kills cute little bunnies just because a Noticeboard tells you to. But the gold that comes with it isn’t bad.

Fears of a Pawn

These are also two quests bundled into one. These are:

  • Defeat 8 Ogres; which you can do after meeting the Duke in the quest Come to Court.
  • Defeat 15 Succubi when you are done with “Reward and Responsibility”

ACT II Noticeboard Quests

Gran Soren

Head Count

“Acquire 66 Skulls”
Reward: Golden Pale

Remember you killed 36 skeletons to get 60 skulls? Well, now you just need 6 more, which can be easily found on your travels with barely any effort or specific exploration.

Smells Suspicious

“Acquire a vial of Wyrmward Perfurme”
Reward: 15,000 gold

Go to the Ruins of Aernst Castle, climb up the stairs leading to the back of the castle, and observe the stacked boxes. There is a just next to the boxes which will contain the perfume. Return to Alehouse and talk to Arsmith.

The Secret Admirer

“Acquire Ophis’s Badge of Amity”
Reward: Golden Cyclops Sigil

After completing the “Thick as Thieves” quest for Ophis, you will receive the Badge of Amity from her. Once you have acquired that badge, talk to Arsmith and this quest will be completed.

A Book Keeper’s Bind

“Acquire a Promissory Note”
Reward: 18,000 gold

When you’re at the Ancient Quarry, and have cleared up majority of the enemies there, Alon will open up a shop inside halfway through on the right side. One of the items he sells is the Promissor Note, which you can buy and take back to Arsmith.

A Token of Esteem

“Acquire Maul’s Badge of Amity”
Reward: Golden Bardiches

Visit Maul in the Ruins of Aernst Castle and talk to Maul, the bandit leader. He will offer you two quests to complete. Complete either one of them and he will give you the Badge of Amity. Return with it to Armsmith to collect your reward.

A Fabled Dram

“Acquire 5 King Bay Leaves”
Reward: 20,000 gold

Remember Selene’s hut in the foggy region of Witchwood? You can find plenty of King Bay Leaves over there. If you don’t manage to find 5, take at least one to the Black Cat and have some more created.

The Hearts Compass

“Escort Tomlin to the Prayer Falls”
Reward: 3x Vigilites

Another escort mission…ugh. We’ve already been to Prayer Falls, so it’s nothing new. Just remember the basics of these tedious escort missions: a Ferrystone and starting the journey early in the morning.

A Delicate Matter

“Escort Julien to the Greatwall Encampment”

Reward: 5,000 Gold, 3000 Exp, Golden Lance

Julein just needs a little help to deal with the female bandits that come in his path neat the Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort. Just do that and you will be done with the quest.

A Diverting Excursion

“Escort Madeleine to the Bloodwater Beach”

Reward: 5,000 Gold, 3,000 Exp, Fulgurous Lord Tome x 5.

It is important that you pack enough curatives and essentials which would be of use during this long journey such as lantern oil. You have a lot of route options and you can gether the necessary materials from Healing spring in Verda Woodlands or any other place  that has them according to the route you take,

A Parting Tribute

This is a group of quests that give you a base reward of 5000 Gold and 3000 Experience points. In these quests you have escort different people to the mentioned locations and get different rewards in return. Task of these quests and their rewards are mentioned below:

Task Destination
Escort Rojay to the Warrior’s Departure Spicy Mushroom Tea x15
Escort Ser Aerick to the Stones of Courage 10000 Experience points
Escort Ser Berne to The Shadow Fort Gryphic Victory
Escort Ser Bryan to the Warrior’s Departure Gryphic Gauntlets
Escort Ser Devers to the Warrior’s Departure Poison Arrow x100
Escort Ser Grecio to the Warrior’s Departure Throwblast x5
Escort Ser Laurent to the Greatwall Encampment 20,000 Gold
Escort Ser Nichol to the Stones of Courage Blinder Arrow x30
Escort Ser Raster to the Prayer Falls Poison Arrow x100
Escort Ser Tavin to the Cape Pactforge Dragon’s Spit x10

A Taste to be Acquired

“Acquire a draught of Distilled Herb Ale”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 5,000 Exp

You can get the Distilled Herb Ale from Selene who uses a King Bay Leaf to brew it. You will also have to get these leaves for her which you can get from the Guardian’s Grave. The Guardian’s Grave will be available after Witch Hunt. You will gift Selene such herb and get the brew from her then give this to Arsmith and finish the quest.

Avenue of Escape

“Escort Edmun Dragonsbane to Bloodwater Beach”

Reward: 105,000 Gold, 3,000 Exp.

This is another escort quest so it’s pretty straightforward. But in order to get this quest you will have to complete at least one whole playthrough with high Affinity with the Duke. Beware of Drakes while escorting the Dukes as he can be easily killed by one.

Burning Curse

“Acquire a Headless Icon”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 5,000 Exp., Aneled Bastard.

You will start this quest from Arsmith’s Alehouse notice board. You will have to get a headless icon which can be acquired in the Catacombs. You can also make it by combining a Cursed Craving and Catacomb Gold. When you get it hand it over to Arsmith and be done with this quest.

Blood and Thunder

“Defeat 10 Phantasms”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 3,000 Exp, Gleam of Heaven

When you start the quest Come to Court this quest will be immediately available to you. You will have to take our 10 Phantasms. They are easily found at the Barta Cragsalong with water-filled areas like the Miasmic Haunt, Soulflayer Canyon and The Watergod’s Altar.

Beyond the Stony Cage

“Escort Aelinore to the Healing Spring located in the far regions of Northface Forest beyond The Blighted Manse”

Reward: 5,000 Gold, 3,000 Exp,Veteran’s Periapt x3

This is also a simple escort mission that you start from the noticeboard at Union Inn.

Committed to Memory

“Acquire a piece of Gran Soren Rubble”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 5000 Exp., Golden Obliteratrix

You have to gather ten pieces of the Gran Soren Rubble and take them to Arsmith to finish the quest. You can get them from the rubble in Gran Soren in the post-game or you can buy them from Reynard.

Deliver the Goods

“Acquire a Leaden Globe”

Reward: 10,00 Gold, 5000 Exp, Aneled Lance

You can make one by combing Alluvial Yore-Ore and Ancient Ore. Once you do, take it to Arsmith and get your reward.


This is also a group of quests and has two versions; one is available at Pablo’s Inn and the other at Gran Soren. These quests include:

  • Escort Ambrose to the Prayer Falls to get Detoxicating Powder x5
  • Escort Baudric to Hillfigure Knoll from the Union Inn to get Violet Concoction x 10
  • Escort Chas to Bloodwater Beach to get Harspud Milk x 15. This quest becomes available after Deny Salvation.
  • Escort Joesphine to Cape Pactforge to get Clean Cloth x25
  • Escort Pernill from the Union Inn to the Prayer Falls to get Steel Nut Salve x3
  • Escort Poll to Bloodwater Beach from Pablos’ Inn for a reward Secret Softener x15. Becomes available after Honor and Treachery
  • Escort Walter to Hillfigure Knoll from the Union Inn to get Distilled Herb Ale.

Following Orders

“Acquire Five priceless Artifacts”

Reward: 10000 Gold, 5000 Exp, Aneled Bardiches

You can mine them from Ore Deposits found in Watergod’s Altar. They are rare so you have to work for it.

Hair Raising

“Acquire 30 pieces of Tuft of Hair”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 5,000 Exp, Path To Heaven

You will find “Tufts of Hair” in the Duke Solar near the Duke’s Chair in Duke’s Demense in Devyn’s Barber Shop or they can also be found in remains of Ogre nests in the Ancient Quarry.

Get 30 pieces of Tuft of Hair to Arsmith to finish the quests and get your reward.

Journey to the Underwood

“Acquire three Cursed Carvings”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 5000 Exp, Aneled Rapier

You will have to go outside the Abbey to find these Cursed Carvings.

Lost Faith

Acquire the Tightly Folded Letter.

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 5,000 Exp, Aneled Meniscus

You can find this letter as reward for completing the quest Nameless Terror.

Ocean’s Bounty

“Acquire ten kept giant Fish”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 5,000 Exp, Aneled Obliteratrix

You can make these by combining Giant Fish and Airtight Flask and you can refresh them using Spring Water.

Parcel Service

“Acquire ten parcels”

Reward: 10000 Gold, 5000 Exp, Golden Stings

You will getbthese parcels while doing Fedel’s Quest called the Conspirators. There is another one at the attack site in Cursewood and some more besides Confidential letter

Pawn Guild


“Defeat 3 Chimera”
Reward: 15,000 gold

Simple demand, difficult execution. The places you can find Chimera easily in are the Abbey, along the path north of Gran Soren, and slightly west of Aernst Castle. Good luck, warrior.

The Absent Apprentice

“Kill 25 Crows”
Reward: 75,000 gold

Crows can be find in a hell lot of places, of which the two I’ll mention here are Witchwood and the Wilted Forest. Good luck trying to hunt them down with melee weapons though; a bow and arrows is what I would be recommending instead.

Put the Eye Out

“Defeat the Cyclops”
Reward: Silver Idol

It’s time to slay an armored Cyclops in an arena! Make sure you’re prepared for a tough battle in every way. Go to Shadow Fort and go through the front gates. On the right near the castle wall will be a hole through which you can go to arrive at the Frontier Caverns.

Enter and follow the corridor till you arrive in a large arena. In the center is the armored Cyclops, who is either your doom or your key to attaining a Silver Idol. Good luck, warrior.

Swamp Things

“Defeat 10 Sulphur Saurians”
Reward: 10,000 gold

You can head to the river between the Prayer Falls and Nameless Falls to find lots of Sulphur Saurians. Kill 10 of them to complete the quest.


“Kill 3 Gargoyles”
Reward: 15,000 gold

You can find lots of Gargoyles to slay in Everfall towards the end of the game. Alternatively, you can find them at night time within the Soulflayer Canyon, though they are much more difficult to kill in open areas.

Bury the Dead

“Defeat 44 Undead in the vicinity of The Abbey”

Reward:10,000 Gold, 3,000 Exp, Solar Armor

You can easily find undead at night. The areas where they are most probable to be found at are roads outside of Gran Soren when you get to the Estan Plains. They are also easily found in the Catacombs.

Come Home Roost

“Defeat the Cockatrice in Soulflayer Canyon”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 3000 Exp, Gryphic Dlack.

This quest will start from the Pawn Guild Noticeboard. You should stock up on defenses against petrification like Secret Softeners or Cockatrice Liquor. You can defeat the Cockatrice in Soulflayer Canyon or if you find one in any other place, defeating it would also count as the completion of this quest.

Company of Thieves

This is also the name of a a group of quests. These quests are divided into male and female bandits. These are:

Female Bandits

  • Escort Betiah to the Prayer Falls to get Giant Fish x5
  • Escort Cele to the Prayer Falls to get Oil Arrow x 100
  • Escort Dasya to the Prayer Falls to get Blinder Arrow x 100
  • Escort Fayth to the Miasmic Haunt to get an additional 10,000 Gold
  • Escort Holle to the Prayer Falls to get Poison Arrow x 100
  • Escort Honna to the Miasmic Haunt to get an additional 10,000 Gold
  • Escort Jonna to the Miasmic Haunt to get Poison Arrow x 150
  • Escort Nelle to the Prayer Falls to get Silencer Arrow x 50
  • Escort Ola to the Prayer Falls to get Sleeper Arrow x 50
  • Escort Purnell to the Miasmic Haunt to get an additional 10,000 Gold
  • Escort Sens to the Miasmic Haunt to get an additional 10,000 Gold
  • Escort Tilda to the Miasmic Haunt to get an additional 10,000 Gold
  • Escort Tomazin to the Miasmic Haunt to get an additional 10,000 Gold
  • Escort Wenda to the Miasmic Haunt to get Jewel of Darkness x 2

Male Bandits

  • Escort Anelace to the Warrior’s Departure to get Oil Arrow x 100
  • Escort Basilard to the Warrior’s Departure to get Silencer Arrow x 50
  • Escort Caravel to the Warrior’s Departure to get Throwblast x 5
  • Escort Claymore to the Warrior’s Departure to get Blinder Arrow x 100
  • Escort Culverin to the Bloodwater Beach to get an additional 15,000 Gold
  • Escort Falchion to the Bloodwater Beach to get an additional 15,000 Gold
  • Escort Glaive to the Warrior’s Departure to get Grandgrapes x3
  • Escort Hammer to the Bloodwater Beach to get an additional 15,000 Gold
  • Escort Lance to the Bloodwater Beach to get an additional 15,000 Gold
  • Escort Mace to Warrior’s Departure to get ten Small Fish.
  • Escort Mercygiver to the Bloodwater Beach to get an additional 15,000 Gold
  • Escort Pike to the Warrior’s Departure to get Blast Arrow x 20
  • Escort Ranseur to the Bloodwater Beach to get an additional 15,000 Gold
  • Escort Sling to the Warrior’s Departure to get Poison Arrow x100
  • Escort Voulge to the Warrior’s Departure to get Sleeper Arrow x 50

Dead Weight

“Defeat thirteen Stout Undead in the vicinity of The Abbey”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 3000 Exp, Aneled Tooth

You can find these undead in the Catacombs and if you are hunting at night then in the Wilted Forest, The Abbey or close to the Miner’s hut.


This is also a pair of two quests. These quests are:

  • Slay the Archydra in the Chamber of Hesitation within The Everfall (Post-Dragon) to get 50,000 Gold.
  • Slay ten Vile Eyes to get of 1,000,000 Gold. You can locate them in the  Chamber of Sorrow or Chamber of Apprehension in The Everfall (Post-Dragon), and on Bitterblack Isle.

Grave Danger

“Defeat a Lich”

Reward: 10000 Gold, 3000 Exp, Eclipsed Providence.

Simply just take out a Lich and get the reward.

Grimm Tidings

“Slay Seven Grimgoblins”

Reward: 35000 Gold, 3000 Exp

You can find these grimgoblins in Chamber of Remorse and Chamber of Sorrow, and Pre-Daimon in The Black Abbey and Rotunda of Dread on Bitterblack Isle and also when you go from Cassardis to Gran Soren, there will be a lot of them crossing your path on the way.

Harpy Hunting

“Defeat twenty Snow Harpies around the Hillfigure Knoll”

Reward: 10,000 Gold, 3,000 Exp, Aneled Pale

They are resistant to ice attacks but they are weak to fire attacks so you can bring it down easily fire based skills.

Keepers of the Ancient Flame

“Defeat Seven Geo Saurians”

Reward: 10000 Gold, 3000 Exp, Asura Armor

You can find them in the Tainted Mountain Temple and also when you go through the Moonsbit Pass.


A Dark Chorus

“Defeat 10 Harpies”
Reward: Golden Stilletos

Appears are very common and appear a lot north of Gran Soren. Also, they have the habit of appearing in packs, so it should only take a short while to kill 10 of them.


“Slay 24 giant bats”
Reward: 50,000 gold

Bats are ridiculously easy to find in any type of cave or naturally closed structure. It’ll only take a small amount of exploration to kill 24 bats and finish this simple quest.

Quell the Hobs

“Defeat 30 Goblins”
Reward: 5000 XP

Goblins are everywhere and you wouldn’t need to specifically search for them; you can find plenty during your travels – so many that even 30 seems less.

Guardsman Sought

“Escort Adaro to the Shadow Fort”
Reward: FerryStone

You don’t necessarily need to take a Ferrystone for this, since its reward is exactly that. Nevertheless, it’s an escort mission, though not as tedious as some of the others, so make sure to start your journey in the morning.

Material Witness

“Escort Benita to Cape Pactforge”
Reward: 3 Kept Grandgrapes

Grab a Ferrystone, head to Gran Soren, and escort Benita to Cape Pactforge, a location south of Gran Soren. This is probably the quickest escort mission so far, especially if you have a Ferrystone.

Scholarly Pursuit

“Escort Clemente to Bloodwater Beach”
Reward: 15 Placative Brews

This isn’t your first escort quest, and sadly it isn’t your last. You’ve already been to Bloodwater Beach once, so it’s not any mystery. Remember to grab a Ferrystone and leave early in the morning.

An Uninvited Guest

“Catch the thief”
Reward: 2,000 XP, 3,500 gold

Speak with Pablo at the inn to learn about a thief in town. After that, speak to the two victims, Aestella and Heraldo, in each store. Return to Pablo and agree to catch the thief. After that, your job will be to catch the thief. He has a specific pattern in which he runs around the town.

Observe that pattern while hiding and try to get in his path when you can. There’s no fighting or anything involved, so you just need to make sure you’re quick enough to grab on to him. Once done, speak to Pablo again to complete the quest.

Burden of Proof

“Defeat 3 Golems”
Reward: 75,000 gold

Golems are very rare enemies, so your best bet is to find a spawning location of one and fight it 3 times there with breaks of a few in-game days. One of these few locations is the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler on the cliff near Bloodwatch Beach.

There is a large rock pile there, which will come to life as a golem if you hit it. Defeat the golem by hitting the lighted circles on it. Once defeated, go north to the resting area near Shadow Forst, rest for a few days, and return to the golem location to find it respawned. Repeat that twice to finish the quest.

Venture Forth

“Escort Quina to Prayer Falls”
Reward: 5 Pancea

I really hope I’m not the only one who hates these escort quests. Anyways, you’ve been to the Prayer Falls before, so you just have to repeat that again for a different person.

The Maker’s Mercy

“Slay 10 Deer”
Reward: Tuft of Hair

First rabbits and now deer! Man, you are one animal-right violator. Anyways, deer are very easy to find, and appear most in the Withered Forest west of Gran Soren. Deer tend to run away if you get too close to them, so use a bow instead of melee weapons.

Burden of Proof

Defeat 10 Geosaurians
Reward: 15,000 gold

The first enemies you run into during your ‘final battle’ quest are the Geosaurians. Cut their tales off to make them weaker, and kill ten of them to complete this quest.

A challenge

Kill a Hydra

Reward: 500 Gold, 500 Exp, Golden Rapier.

Get to the far end of The Shadow Fort and go to the right of the front door of the main keep. There you will find a hole, go down in it and it will take you the Frontier Caverns under Shadow Fort. There you will find several Goblins and Hobgoblins that you have to take out. While you will be doing that a Hydra will be released and then you will have to kill that Hydra to complete the quest.

Reclaim the Roads

“Defeat ten bandits in and around South Gransys”

Reward: 500 Gold, 500 Exp., Aneled Stilettos

Simply take out 10 bandits and be done with this quest.

Reconnoiter Request

“Escort Valmiro to his desired destination”

Reward: 5000 Gold, 3000 Exp, Silver Ore

You will have to accompany Valmiro from Cassardis to the Warror’s Departure and get your reward.

The Encampment


“Kill 15 Snakes”
Reward: 50,000 gold

Snakes can be found easily in places like prison and various sorts of caves. Kill 15 of them to finish this quest.

Arise to Power

“Defeat 10 Saurians”
Reward: 7,500 gold

Saurians are very common creatures, found mostly near water sources. It shouldn’t be difficult to find 10 of them to slay.

Final Farewell

“Defeat 15 Undead Warriors”
Reward: 40 War Bugles

You’ll mainly find undead warriors at night near Everfall and the Ancient Quarry. The latter is the better option. Head there at night time and they will start to appear. Kill them to finish this quest. Note however, that the fat exploding ones don’t count as undead warriors, so prioritize the others more.

Arise to Power

“Kill 20 Wild Boars”
Reward: 50,000 gold

There are lots of wild boars roaming around in front of the Shadow Fort or a few in Witchwood. Choose your location according to your convenience and let them have it.

Hobble the Foe

“Defeat 10 Hobgoblins”
Reward: Teeth of gold

Again, the place to find Hobgoblins is in front of the Shadow Fort. Go there and get the job done.

Arise to Power

“Defeat 5 Skeleton Magi”
Reward: 5,000 gold

Everfall is the place to go for some Skeleton Magi. You could try the Nameless Falls, if you think you can kill the wight who keeps spawning them.

Arise to Power

“Slay 29 Oxen”
Reward: 75,000 gold

Oxen can be found the in the fields in front of Gran Soren. Go kill’em.

A Hero’s Worth

“Kill 35 Male Bandits”
Reward: 75,000 gold

Bandits are usually everywhere, which may make you believe this quest easy-peasy. However, for this particular quest you need to kill the ones at the Aernst Castle Ruins. Go there and become evil, slaying each and every human you can find.

An Airborne Plague

“Defeat 8 Snow Harpies”
Reward: Beak of Gold

Snow Harpes are located north of Gran Soren, past the Windbluff Tower and the Hillfigure Knoll. They fly in flocks, so 8 isn’t a problematic value.


“Defeat 2 Metal Golems”
Reward: 75,000 gold

Yup, you read right – these are metal golems we’re talking about. They’re quite different from normal golems. When you have finished fighting at the end of the game, you will visit Everfall again. While there, you will have the opportunity to fight against a few. Take two down to finish this quest.

Arise to Power

“Kill 10 Seabirds”
Reward: 15,000 gold

Sea birds are best found near the beaches and other sea edges. Cassardis is a great place to look out for them, and killing 10 shouldn’t be a problem.

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