Dragon’s Crown Gourmand Cooking Guide – Recipes and Ingredients

If you want to become a Gourmand in Dragon's Crown, you will need to do a lot of cooking and we have the recipes and ingredients for you.

To become a Gourmand in Dragon’s Crown, you need to cook and eat all of the 70 dishes that can be created and consumed in Dragons’s Crown. A dish requires a main food ingredient, a pan/pot and seasoning to be created, and can only be made at a campsite.

Dragon’s Crown Gourmand ‘Cooking Guide’

You can only come to a campsite by doing a number of dungeons consecutively, and you have to end your consecutive run with Ghost Ship Cove, Old Capital or Ancient Temple to make the campsite appear.

Doing one of these results in you appearing at the campsite after it’s completion. Here are the ingredients you can collect in these three dungeons, assuming that you don’t kill the bosses.

Ghost Ship Cover

  • Barracuda fillet
  • Salamander
  • Herring
  • Oyster
  • Blue Mussel
  • Lobster
  • Smoked Meat
  • Hare Meat

Ancient Temple

  • Wild Boar
  • Bat
  • Snail
  • Peas
  • Carrot
  • Wild onions
  • Cabbage
  • Snake

Old Capital

  • Salted pork
  • Smoked Meat Of Large Beast
  • Chicken
  • Nettle Tree
  • Wheat
  • Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Scorpion

Several of these food items get overwritten by the ingredients that the boss monsters drop:

Ghost Ship Cove

  • Gazer Eyes replaces salamander
  • Killer Wabbit replaces hare meat
  • Chimera Meat replaces smoked meat
  • Kraken Tentacle replaces lobster

Ancient Temple

  • Minotaur Tongue replaces wild boar meat
  • Harpy Eggs replace snake meat

Old Capital

  • Worm meat replaces smoked meat
  • Red Dragon meat replaces chicken
  • Wyvern meat replaces chicken
  • Arch Demon heart replaces scorpion
  • Myconid slice replaces potato
  • Barracuda fillet

As you can see we have a total of 35 ingredients. So how are we going to make 70 dishes? Well each food item is capable of producing two kinds of dishes, a meal or a stew (depending on whether you pick the pot or the pan, thus resulting in 70 dishes from 35 foods.

So how do we collect the ingredients that get replaced by killing bosses? Simple, we don’t kill bosses.

Here’s how to clear the dungeons:

First complete the Ancient Temple twice by killing Medusa and selecting the left path. Create both pan and pot versions of the ingredients you find. Do the same routine for Ghost Ship Cove and always remember to pick the left path.

Now complete Old Capital and let the Red Dragon die by falling off the bridge. Do so by retreating to the right in Red’s room. Do it twice, once to create the pot versions and the second to make pan versions.

This basically covers all of the 48 non-boss dishes. And now it’s time to do the boss dishes. I recommend you hunt the bosses in the following sequence:

First Run

  • Minotaur (Subterranean Fortress)
  • Wraith (Castle of the Dead)
  • Harpy (Ancient Temple)

Second Run

  • Doom Beetle (Underground Labyrinth)
  • Archdemon (Forgotten Sanctuary)
  • Wyvern (Old Capital)

Third Run

  • Chimera (Magician’s Tower)
  • Gazer (Lost Woods)
  • Kraken (Ghost Ship Cove)

Fourth/Final Run

  • Red Dragon
  • Red Dragon

Yes, you have to kill it twice, once to prepare the pot version, and once to make the pan version.

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