Dragon’s Crown Gets Pole-Dancing Amazon Figurine

Stylish 2D brawler Dragon’s Crown is getting an elongated hint of risky content with the reveal of a new figurine for the Amazon character. Manufacturer Empty has showcased the item with the fighter simulating pole-dancing qualities on her giant axe.

As the character is just about nude in the game, the statuette doesn’t have a lot of visible clothes either, outside of go-go boots. Well, it also has gloves, but that’s not what we think of when talking about clothes.

More so that just that, it’s that stripper-like posing on her axe that’s quite a specific choice to do for a figure. It’s pretty much just the Amazon straddling a pole with her legs retracted.

Still, there are some remarkable things to note as well. Unlike the in-game persona, this rendition of the Amazon has much less exaggerated proportions.

It’s still not exactly realistic, but the waist and leg area at least come somewhat comparably close to each other. That’s a far cry from the grotesque size the fighter has in Dragon’s Crown.

Previously, Dragon’s Crown sparked one of the gaming industry’s many controversies in 2013, when the game launched and the developer made some off color remarks. Its art style was known years before that, but the man not being courteous about it started a rampant tirade about sexualized imagery in games.

In Dragon’s Crown, both the Amazon as well as the Sorceress class have preposterous proportions in key parts of their body. Worse yet, these are made to sashay around in animations, with characters in the game posing in similarly sexually tinted ways. There’s definitely a point to be made there.

Via Tomopop.

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