Dragonball XenoVerse – How to Power Level and Earn Money Fast

Leveling up a character in Dragonball XenoVerse is a long and tedious process. Those with a lack of patience may find themselves sitting in front of screens for a long time. And this is where this piece comes to the rescue.

In this guide, I will share not only some of the fastest methods to power level, but money farming as well.

How to Power Level
One of the fastest ways to power level is to play the Parallel Quest #53 – Dangerous Duo! Warriors Never Rest. The quest basically requires catching three Dragon Balls and depositing them in the Time Machine.

The whole process usually takes less than sixty seconds and is highly effective in gaining tons of XP.

Note: The Dragon Balls acquired during the Parallel Quest #53 cannot be used to summon Shenron.

One important thing to note here is that the Parallel Quest #53 can only be played if Demigra and the Legendary Super Saiyan Saga have been defeated in the Story Mode.

The best thing about this quest is that the locations of the Dragon Balls do not change, allowing you to memorize them and complete consecutive runs within no time.

In case you have not unlocked the Parallel Quest #53, you can always go with the Parallel Quest #15 which not only grants decent amount of XP, but also a Dragon Ball – if you are lucky.

Other Parallel Quests that can be tried are the Parallel Quest #23 and #35. The idea is to stick to the Parallel Quests which do not make your characters go through a portal.

How to Earn Money Fast
You can never have enough Zeni in Dragonball XenoVerse, especially if you are into buying all those fancy customization accessories, outfits, and new attacks. Read on to know the fastest way to earn tons of Zeni as fast as possible.

Basically the idea is to sell all Hercule Badges at your disposal. Do note that Zeni is awarded depending upon the rarity of the Hercule Badge. However, in order to acquire the Hercule Badges, you need to play random quests as much as possible.

According to some, one of the best Parallel Quests to farm the Hercule Badges is the Parallel Quest #15. Furthermore, completing the quests also grant decent amount of money.

Another decent Parallel Quest to earn tons of money is the Parallel Quest #53 as explained above. Lastly, you can always try and sell any useless items that you do not think you would use in future.

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