Dragon Quest XI Red Doors Guide

There are many different magical doors and areas that you can find in Dragon Quest XI. The Red Doors that we will be telling you about will give you many different rewards. Our Dragon Quest XI Red Doors Locations Guide will be helping you find these doors.

Dragon Quest XI Red Doors

In order to be able to unlock the Red Doors that you find in the game, you will need to put in some effort. You will not be able to unlock these doors until you have found the six different orbs.

Once you have left Nautica, went to an area called the Champs Sauvage, you need to head south to a town called Phnom Nonh.

Magic Key

There, complete the story section and defeat the boss who is known as Dora-in-Grey. This will give you the magic key and that can be used to open every single one of the doors found in the world of the game.

Phnom Nonh
Go to the second floor across from the Armor Shop.

The Hotto Steppe
Towards the top left side of the map. Look for it near the Cryptic Crypt.

Find this red door in a house towards the eastern side.

Find the door in a house near the item shop.

Dundrasil Region
Across runs of Dundrasil.

Puerto Valor
Go to the house right across from the church.

Go to a cliff on the east side of town.

Zwaardsrust Region
Go to the stairs to the east side of the ruins to reach the magic red door.

Find it on the top left side of the map, right outside of the city.

The Last Bastion
Get on to the passage of the east and you will be able to find the Red Door.

The top-left side of the headmaster’s office will have this door.

Insula Australis
Find this door on the island which is right in front of Gondolia.

Insula Centralis
Use the teleport to the east option to get on this island and find a door.

Insula Occidentalis
Go to the north island from the strand in order to find this red door.

Downtown Heliodor
Go to the east side of Ruby Inn and you will find a shack with the door.

To the left top of the map, right in front of the home after crossing the water.

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