Dragon Quest XI Attribute Seeds Locations Guide

Attribute Seeds are seeds that raise a specific attribute of yours by +1 when consumed. The increase is permanent so finding them can be very beneficial and our Dragon Quest XI Attribute Seeds Locations Guide will guide you through to each of their locations.

Dragon Quest XI Attribute Seeds Locations

The seeds that we will be telling you about are organized by the attribute that they will be responsible for increasing.

As you know, they increase your stats by 1 when consumed and are found within pots, barrels and treasure chests scattered throughout the world.

Seed of Strength

The first seed of this kind is found in Heliodor towards the back alleys of the east side. It is near the stairs leading to Downtown Heliodor, inside a barrel.

Another one can be found towards Heliodor Foothills towards the western side of the area.

The third seed can be found in Gondolia inside of a barrel near the northwest Gondola Dock.

The final Seed of Strength can be found lying inside a pot in one of the rooms you end up unlocking with the sewer key in Heliodor Sewers.

Seed of Magic

The first seed can be found by going to the boss’ level near the northeast of the Grotta Della Fonte and climb the vine to your right. Keep on heading down the path to get the chest with this seed.

In Phnom Nohn, you can find the seed in a pot across from the puff-puff lady, at the second floor.

The third seed can be found in Gondolia, in one of the barrels past the red magic door.

Seed of Defense

Find this seed in the Lower Level of The Kingsbarrow in a Treasure Chest that can be reached by mounting an Eggsoskeleton.

Second seed can be found in the Upper level of the Heliodor Dungeon in a pot within the save room.

Go up the slope to the east side of Lonalulu. There are some barrels in a shed, one of these will have your Seed of Defense.

Final Seed of Defense can be found after ending the game, in Heliodor Castle. It is in a barrel in the room East of the kitchen.

Seed of Therapeusis

Climb the stairs outside the church in Puerto Valor and you will find a Treasure Chest in the corner which will have the Seed of Therapeusis.

Smash a pot in Veronica and Serena’s house in Arboria.

The third seed can be found in a pot on the top floor, in the southern corridor in Heliodor Castle.

The final seed can be found in a pot by the stairs leading to the next floor in Angri-La.

Seed of Deftness

Find this seed in Heliodor behind the house to the south of the Equipment Shop. Climb the ladder to get to the rooftop and then go down the chimney to find the seed inside a pot.

Seed of Skill

This seed is found in Laguna di Gondolia. Enter the east side of the area and look for a midnight Horknight that you can defeat and mount. Mount it to fly to the islands of the north. The chest can be found on one of the islands.

Go in the red magic door in Gallopolis, and you can find the Seed of Skill.

Smash one of the pots after going through the red magic door in L’Academie de Notre Maitre les Medailles.

You can find a shipwreck on the sea floor to the west side in Nautica, the seed can be found in the treasure chest.

Seed of Life

Found in a barrel past the red magic door in Lonalulu.

The second and the final Seed of Life can be found in the Kitchen of L’Academie de Notre Maitre les Medailles, accessible from the cafeteria. Just break the barrels.

Seed of Sorcery

Go south in the Sniflheim Region and turn right when you reach a corner. You will find the seed in a chest.

Use the lift in the Sniflheim Castle’s lobby, and head down to the basement. The seed is in one of the pots.

Go down the stairs in Arboria, and break the barrels to find the final Seed of Sorcery.

Seed of Agility

Go up the ladder next to the item shop in Downtown Heliodor. Cross the rope at the top, and you can find a chest on the other side with the first Seed of Agility.

The second and the final Seed of Agility can be found in The Hekswood. It’s in a treasure chest at a dead end in the forest

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