Dragon Quest VI Item Locations Guide

Find all the items in Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation with the help of this guide that pinpoints all the locations where you can find these items.

Dragon Quest VI Item Locations

Weaver’s Peak

Leather Hat
When you wake in the bedroom, your sister Tania scolding you for giving her a fright.Open the chest in the room to the right for Leather Hat.

Village Goods
After talking to the mayor who will ask you to go to Haggleton with some merchandise which you are able to sell to pay for the Spirit Crown that the town uses for the Fortune Festival Celebration. The mayor will give you the Village Goods.

Entry Pass
The pass provides proof of permission to enter the grounds of Somnia Castle. The Hero can enter Somnia Castle with this pass

Mountain Path

Oaken Club
In the mountain path area head down the trail to the right. You will find a stump and beyond it two columns that are positioned along the edge of the cliff.

Drop down to a cave by stepping in between those columns. When you enter the cave, head to the upper left side to find the two treasure chests. In the chest to the left holds the Oaken Club.


Wayfarer’s Clothes
Exit the cave and head to the lower left to find some stairs. Climb up the stairs and move to the left to safely exit to Haggleton. If you go up the nearby stairs,you will find yourself at the back of the entrance of the area.

So go left and cross the bridge to find some crosses. Drop down to the ledge below to the left of the crosses.Open the chest there for a set of Wayfarer’s Clothes.


Thief’s Key
Go up the path and through the opening to the right.Head along the right side of the path.Now you need to go down the passage and talk to a guy who is selling a key for 2000G.

Reject the offer and he will again demand 1000G.Decline the offer again and he will come down to 200G. Buy the Thief’s Key for a nice purchase item.

Big Book of Beasts
Go to the inn which is at the right side of the towns entrance.There will be a locked door in front of you which you can open with the key you possess.Find the Big Book of Beasts in the closet in the room.


Plain Clothes
Head to the next house to the left and check the bureau to find the Plain Clothes.

Hardwood Headwear
You can find the Hardwood Headwear in the drawers in the house to the left.

Spirit Crown
Head outside the town and to the north.Go through the mountains along the right side and along a peninsula that reaches towards the northeast.Enter the building shown on the map to find a well at the back left corner.

Jump inside the well and you will appear to the other side. Exit to the world map and you will be back to a more solid form. You can head south on the map over some hills and to the east across the bridge to reach Haggleton. Enter the house to the northeast corner of the town which belongs to Cliff. He will provide you with the Spirit Crown.

Gardsbane Tower

Restless Heart
After the Garrett boss battle,you need to head through the door behind Garrett and go up the stairs to find a treasure chest and receive the Restless Heart.

Secret Passageway

Bronze Shield
When you leave the cathedral and head south along the world map.Find the hut at the west along the main grassy trail leading south.Enter the area and talk to the drarf and he will tell you about an abbey to east. Move to the east and find a clearing in some trees.

There you will find a tunnel which you need to proceed.Find a ring of sand by heading back to the world map and traveling to the southeast. You will find a secret passageway when you press the search button and you can enter a new dungeon. Head down to the right at an intersection and find a treasure chest containing a Bronze Shield.

Port Haven

Fur Hood
Go back to the inn and toward the stairs from where you can walk to the left and through the opening in the wall in that direction.Head to the lower left, towards the end of the dock and you will come in contact with two young people.

After the cutscene,head up along the dock and to the top area of the town. You will find a warehouse storing some crates and barrels.Break open the barrels and collect the Fur Hood.

Lucida Shard
When Milly escorts you to the southeast of where you are about to meet Luca Luminista.When you wake up after staying the night, head up across the room and search the bureau for a Lucida Shard.

Trailblazing Bandana
Exit the room and before you leave the area, go to the well to the right. If you investigate you will trigger an attack with a monster. After defeating the monster you will receive the Trailblazing Bandana as a reward.

Lucid Grotto

Bronze Knife
You will be in a more crystalline sort of area. Go down and to the left along the murky path. Stay in that direction and climb up the steps to the higher ledge. Walk along the ledge and you will find two set of stairs leading down.

Descend them and move to the left along the platform and you will find a place where you can descend a new set of stairs to reach a treasure chest. Look into the chest for a Bronze Knife.

Fur Cape
You need to head back to the right and move down the stairs. Descend down the first set of stairs when you arrive at a pool and then again go down the stairs to the right. Head to the right and follow the path to find the ledge there with a treasure chest. Open the chest for the Fur Cape.

Dream Dew
Defeat the Bloodcreeper boss that is guarding the fountain to receive some Dream Dew.


Poison Moth Knife
After you visit Somnia again,things will be different from the past that you have visited before. Seek out the merchants on the east side of the town.You can find the Poison Moth Knife for your partner Milly by going behind the shops and checking the dresser next to the old man who is lying on the bed.

Flying Carpet
This mystical mat can carry passengers over low-lying areas. The flying carpet can travel over water, it does not, however, fly through trees and mountains in the Lower World.

Royal Missive
This is a letter penned by King Somnus of Somnia which is needed to gain access to Ghent

Amor’s Northern Cave

Edged Boomerang
Head back to the stairs and to the right you will see three logs floating in the water.Hitch a ride on the top log to be able to reach an island to the right to obtain the Edged Boomerang from a treasure chest.

Mirror Key
Head back to Amor and go to the basement in the temple.Talk to the man on the left side and he will let you take a nap.When you wake up,you will be awarded with the Mirror Key.

Moonmirror Tower

Iron Cuirass
Once you reach the Moonmirror tower,head up the stairs through the doorway from the entrance. Follow the hallway that leads to the right and pass the staircase that descends to an empty room.

Keep on moving to the left and you will arrive at another staircase.Go down the stairs and find a treasure chest to obtain the Iron Cuirass.

Ra’s Mirror
You should return to the stairs and climb down to work your way to the lower right.Climb the set of stairs and head left a few steps to continue up along the tower floor towards the top of the chamber.

Follow the path by climbing the stairs and then to the lower left,now turn back toward the lower right to come across the mirror with a staircase reflection.

Reveal the stairs by standing in front of the mirror which you should be able to climb to move to the next floor.Go up a short distance and you can see some stairs to the right.There will be a lever like the one you encountered before,leave it and climb the stairs.

Now the repeat the process as you did before by descending down the two set of stairs and destroying the two purple orbs.After destroying the orbs return to the top floor and step down into the opening that you can drop from the top of the second floor to the area below.You’ll find a new chamber to the right.

Go into the chamber to find the object sitting on a pedestal.Ashlynn will offer you to join your party. Accept the request and go to the pedestal to grab the Ra’s Mirror.

Under Keep

Iron Helmet
Go back to the outside area and enter the twin cave openings along the outer edge.You will find some extremely short dead-end passages, you can open a chest along the third of those paths to find an Iron Helmet.

Dancer’s Costume
You’ll find another cave if you take ledge which will eventually take you back towards the left.Enter the cave and follow the passage to the upper right and then to lower right in a tight arc.You will now see yourself emerging outside again.

Go to the right and along the path to reach the double doors.Move forward and you will reach a point where the path forms a ‘T’ and there are doors plainly visible to the right and left.You can start by going to the right and descending along the steps.

You’ll find the top of a staircase when you reach to the lower level of the same room.You can find two yellow switches when you descend the room below and you need to make it sure that you step on both the doors at the same time to open the doors that you faced in the room above you.

Go back to the staircase and return to the top room.Enter the newly opened door to the right by climbing up the stairs to the higher ledge. Stand on the two switches there and head to the room on the left,step on the two switches again.

Each of the switch will allow more light to enter the room so that you can make your way out of the room below. Go down the stairs to the left from the balcony and enter the room below.

You need to be careful in the room because there are no railings on the ledges.You need to make your way to the top of the room and open the chest to get Dancer’s Costume.

Royal Missive
When you win the battle from Murdaw and reach Ghent.The king will offer you the Royal Missive.


Pointy Hat
You can find the Pointy Hat in the wardrobe in the left room.

Isle of Murdaw

Full Plate Armour
When you enter the cave in Isle of Murdaw,go straight up to the rock wall and then turn left around it and continue moving through the cave.You’ll come across a ‘T’ in the path,you need to go left and find a Full Plate Armor ath the back of the cave.

Murdaw’s Keep

Iron Mask
Explore the keep by looking at the door to the right.Climb some stairs after passing the door.There will be three chest in front of you.Open one of them to obtain the Iron Mask.

Armor Seco Essence
Break open the chest to receive the Armor Seco Essence.

Fire Claw
After winning the fight from the statue,climb the stairs after passing through the statue.Head down in the room at the top of the stairs and then left towards the red carpeted area.

Keep on moving to the left and you will find a small room with a treasure chest.Open the chest for a Fire Claw.

Lightning Staff
When the Boss Murdaw falls,you will receive the Lightning Staff as a reward for your victory.


Scale Shield
Go ahead and look for Amos. You can find him in the house in the northwest area of the town. He is not feeling well and will suggest you to spend the night at the inn. Investigate the nearby drawers to a Scale Shield.

Morning Star
After defeating the Scrimsley Terror boss when you enter the dungeon area,go up the ladder and to the higher ledge where a man is waiting. You need to enter the cave opening behind the man and head along the path which will lead to the left at an intersection.

Go down the staircase by following the lower branch and from the top of the staircase,go down and to the left to find an opening that leads back outside.

Go left and up to another intersection.Head left to the cave opening and continue along the path to find a Morning Star in a chest.


Slime Gooniform
Go to the right side of the floor and down some stairs to appear behind the Armour’s shop counter on the lower floor. Collect the Slime Gooniform from the treasure chest there.

Large Coffin
Talk to the Chancellor after beating Brutus to receive the Large Coffin for being victorious.

Wayfarer’s Pass

Battle Axe
Go up along the left wall to reach the top of the path.You will see another chest with a monster guarding it.Avoid the chest as its empty and head left to reach the top of the staircase.

Climb down the stairs to reach the lower floor,now head down to the intersection.Go to the right and follow the path while keeping yourself towards the right to find the Battle Axe in the treasure chest.


Gold Ring
In Aridea on the other side of the pass,head northeast and there will be three houses positioned on the map. Talk to the people in the lower left house to grab a Gold Ring.

Hallowed Hollow

Chain Whip
After winning the fight from the First Test,Go back to the right and descend the stairs and work around the ledge to the upper left to find a treasure chest.Open the chest to find the Chain Whip.

Iron Cuirass
In the center of the room,open the chest to the right to receive an Iron Cuirass.

Magic key
Defeat the Third Test and meet the king who will hand over the Magic Key to you.

Poison Needle
Travel to Arkbolt and unlock the treasure room when you find the red door which is accessible from the staircase near the upper right side of the outside walls.Inside the room you will find a Poison Needle.


Dancer’s Costume
When you are in the town,Go to the inn and up the second floor.Search the chest of drawers in left of the room for a Dancer’s Costume.

Destiny’s Drop

Golden Pickaxe
When you continue to ascend look for another cave like the one you have passed before which will be to the right. Drop down to the ledge and climb up a couple of more horizontal ledges to position yourself over the cave. Drop from the centre point of the horizontal ledge and enter the cave. Inside go to a treasure chest and grab the Golden Pickaxe.

Flying Bed
Use the Zoom magic to return to Clearvale.Visit the man in the house in the northeast corner and give him the shard.Spend the night and you will receive a Flying Bed.

Shard of Courage
It is a small shard retrieved from the summit of Destiny’s Drop which you have to give to the family in Clearvale

Have Bed, Will Travel

Meteorite Bracer
Use the Zoom magic again and visit Amor in the real world.Look for the spot where you just saw the kids playing,you’ll find the Meteorite Bracer.

The Spiegelspire

Floodgate Key
Once Spiegel is defeated,talk to the king and you will receive the Floodgate Key.


Boxer Shorts
Check out a tall bureau in the house to find a pair of Boxer Shorts.

Moonwort Bulb
Find the Moonwort Bulb in one of the barrels in the building to the left of the windmill.

Lorelei’s Harp
Use Zoom magic to warp to Port Haven.Board your ship and sail a short distance north to find some rocky shoals.Head from the west and sail through an opening to bring up another magnified bit of the world map.You will receive the Lorelei’s Harp after the scene concludes.

Underwater Exploration

Poison Needle
Use Zoom magic to arrive at Howcastle. Submerge the ship once more and sail to the south to find a temple along the sea floor. Enter the temple and sail to the shore. Head inside the building to find a Poison Needle in a pot behind the witch

Serene Seabed
Check the shelf on the right side of the witch for the Serene Seabed.

Heavy Armour
Head back down and enter the door,you shall see a flight of stairs that you need to descend to reach the lower portion of the ship. Go through the door and head up the left side of the ship. Open the short bureau to obtain a suit of Heavy Armour.

Skeleton Crew
Search in the nearby bookcase for a Skeleton Crew.

Glass Slippers
Go back down before you return upstairs,make your way to the upper right part in the ship.Open one of the chests waiting for you to receive the Glass Slippers.

Ultimate Key
Take the Ultimate Key from the treasure chest in the lower hold in the ship.

The Ultimate Key vs. Locked Doors

Platinum Mail
Go through the locked door and open the chest to receive a Platinum Mail.

Platinum Shield
Open the other chest in the same place to obtain the Platinum Shield.

Boxer Shorts
Visit the same place as you did in the dream world to receive the Boxer Shorts.

Hela’s Armour
In the same cell open the treasure chest to get yourself Hela’s Armour.

Magma Staff
Fly on the bed to the western corner of the world and near the centre of the map,look for a small island just east of peninsula with a shrine and a forest on it.

Enter the shrine by landing on the nortern edge of the island. Find a locked door and get pass through it that holda the Magma Staff.


Slime Gooniform
Check the dresser on the right to get a Slime Gooniform.

Slime Armour
Head back to the right corner of the main floor,descend some stairs and against the back wall you will see a slime shaped opening bordered by green.You can pass through the opening and into the other room.

Head too the upper right portion of the green area to find a well.Go down into the well and obtain a Slime Armour from a treasure Chest.

Draconic Diligence
This scroll unlocks the path to learning the way of the dragon. If you use this, you will be allowed to change your class to Dragon

Poseidon’s Palace

Silver Platter,Kerplunk Bracer,Mini Medal,Watermaul Wand
Enter the Poseidon’s Palace and you’ll appear on a huge staircase.Go down and head left from the base. There is an opening,you can enter and pass through it using the Ultimate Key which should be in your possession. You will see four chests holding a Silver Platter, a Kerplunk Bracer, a Mini Medal and the Watermaul Wand.

Seabed Shrine

Magical Skirt
Return to the main corridor and head right again.The path infront of you splits so head to the right and enter a small chamber to find a Magical Skirt waiting in the treasure chest.

Pink Pearl
Go back to the split and head up this time.Go around a corner to the right until you reach the next fork in the path.Keep on moving right until you find another corner so that you can head down along the map.Keep on heading down avoiding the first left path and reach the next path that ventures left.

Follow that path left to the corner, down and finally head left down a short flight of stairs to the top of a staircase. Before you descend the staircase, head to the right beneath an archway to find a treasure chest. Open it for the Pink Pearl.

Gracos’s Trident
Grab the Gracos’s Trident once Gracos is down from his corpse.

Sand Urn
An unusual urn that can only be handled by sorcerers from Sorceria. It can scoop up magical sand if used by Ashlynn


Prayer Ring
Make it sure that Ashlynn should be in your party,now enter the town of Sorceria.First of all start by heading to the upper left to find a well. Find the platform with a pool of water by descending into the well.Get the Prayer Ring from the treasure chest on the platform.

Fairy-tale Forest
You can collect the Fairy-tale Forest dreamscape by searching the middle of the three bookcases.

Everfrost Grotto

Rusted Sword
As you make your way to the treasure chamber in the dungeon,go up towards the top of the room to trigger a scene.As it ends,head up to the sword and grab it.You will collect the Rusted Sword.

Turnscote Pendant
Cast Evac magic to exit the dungeon and return to Mt.Snowhere.Talk to Ali Kazam who will give you direction to Turnscote.You will receive the Turnscote Pendant which you’ll need to get past the guards and enter the town.


Rogues Gallery
Take the Rogues Gallery dreamscape from the bookshelf.

Thief’s Key
Get to the well beneath the merchant who blocked the alley.Enter the well to find an underground house.Check the short dresser in the back corner to obtain a Thief’s Key.

Fishnet Stockings
First of all head to the church located at the lower right corner of the town and enter the dressing room in the theater which is your next stop. Search the furniture nearby to grab the Fishnet Stockings.

Cryptic Catacombs

Shield of Valora
Return to the base of stairs that you descended to reach the lower floor.Go towards the right and into a small opening that leads to another room.Head towards the left through the opening and continue straight left until you reach a treasure room with a series of steps.Use the stairs and take the Shield of Valora from the treasure chest at the top.


Helm of Sebath
You can find the Helm of Sebath in the last memory of the area.Once you relive it a sequence will trigger that ends with the king hands over the Helm of Sebath. Get yourself equipped with the new gear.


Scholarly Retreat
Take the Scholarly Retreat dreamscape that is resting on the nearby bookshelf.

Gold Bracer
Descend the next set of stairs to enter the chamber and grab a Gold Bracer from the dresser.

Senior Swamp
Take the Senior Swamp dreamscape from the bookshelf to the right of the dresser.

Chateau de Sass

Hair Band
Enter the building in Chateau de Sass and head down the staircase to the upper right. Talk to the man who will let you pass and head up toward a stage,then to the upper right and into that room. Check the dresser to obtain a Hair Band

Slime Earrings
In room on the left side of the stage contains a pair of Slime Earrings, grab it.

Trailblazing Bandana,Plush Rug,Silver Platter
Win the contest of Chateau de Sass to receive the above three items as a prize.

Flying Carpet
Go to Sorceria in the dream world. Upon entering the town, visit the house along the back left side of the village. The old man there can turn your Plush Rug into the Flying Carpet.

Castle Graceskull

Burning Altar
Return left and climb more stairs to reach the castle’s upper reaches. Go right past the guarded room and through the doorway to appear on the roof.

Climb some steps to the right and turn left to find double doors.Enter the doors and into a library.Check the bookshelf to obtain the Burning Altar dreamscape.

Ceremonial Offering
Go down one floor and start back left.Talk to the guard who will ask you to bring the Ceremonial offering.Go to the kitchen and talk to the woman who will hand over the Ceremonial Offering.

Armour of Orgo
The scene finishes with your group being sent back to the real world and the ruined version of the castle.Head up the steps to the right and make your way to the room with the wooden flooring.To back right side use the Golden Pickaxe from your inventory.

You’ll reveal a hidden staircase. Descend those steps, then head down and to the right. There are three treasure chests here, but they’re all empty. Below the middle of the chests, there is a large square tile on the floor.

Investigate it and you’ll lift it to reveal another hidden staircase. Descend those stairs and work your way through the cavern that you find to its top back side.You can investigate a suit of armour to obtain the Armour of Orgo.

Tempest Shield
Open the treasure chest in the basement to receive a Tempest Shield.

Sword of Ramaias
Use Zoom magic to reach Turnscote in the real world.Talk to Welda along the northeast side of the town in her house and she will give you the Sword of Ramias

Stormsgate Citadel

Yggdrasil Leaf
Check the room on the right to get a Yggdrasil Leaf.

Cloudsgate Citadel

Yggdrasil Leaf
Check the dresser in the room with three beds to receive a Yggdrasil Leaf.

Dragon’s peak
Go back outisde and look in the room to the right of the steps is a library.Examine the third shelf from the right on the bottom row to obtain the Dragon’s Peak dreamscape in the library.

Slime Time
Examine the shelf second from the right for the Slime Time dreamscape.

Royal Waterway
Look in the fifth shelf from the right to receive a Royal Waterway dreamscape.

Celestial Reins
These rugged reins are used to pilot Pegasus across the starry skies and allow Pegasus to become airborne

The Pillar of Pegasus

Yggdrasil Leaf
Start by heading right past the steps on the third floor.Open the treasure chest there to grab a Yggdrasil Leaf.

Open the last treasure chest here and take the Dragonsbane sword with you.

Fire Claw
In this new chamber, head left to the far left wall.You’ll notice a staircase to your right, but just keep heading up along the left wall until you see a second staircase.

On the next floor, head right along the back wall until you see an opening between two columns.Go down and continue right along that path. It leads to a room with a staircase.

Climb those stairs to find yourself in a new room with several pits at its center.Make your way to the lower left corner of this room.Head down along the path on the room’s right side, then left once you reach the lower wall and collect the Fire Claw.

Celestial Reins
You can receive the Celestial Reins by defeating the three monsters

Undersea Treasure Chamber

Tempest Shield
Check the nearby chest to get a Tempest Shield after defeating the monsters.

Gringham Whip
Beat the Uberkilling Machine foes and check the chest for the Gringham whip.


Old Pipe
Talk to the man on the right to give you the Old Pipe.

Lotus Lagoon

Wynne’s Tools
Use Celestial Ruins to launch Pegasus into the air. Fly around the centre of the north continent and look for Dullerton in the usual location then land on the hills just to its south.

Follow the path up past a garden by heading into the village and left to a house with a dog guarding it.Talk to the dog to trigger a scene and you’ll receive the Wynne’s Tools.

Greedmore Valley

Corpse Casino
Go to the house which is to the right of the garden and examine the bookcases to obtain the Corpse Casino dreamscape.

Kamikazee Bracer
Check out the building on the upper right from the mansion and break open the pot for a Kamikazee Bracer against the wall.

Greedmore Mine

Dragon Robe
You need to make use of Zoom spell to go back to Greedmore Valley.Check the house along the left side of the town and investigate the robe on the hanger to obtain the Dragon Robe.

Silver Shield
Enter the cave that you discovered and continue north along the passage to reach an intersection.Head left to find a Silver Shield in the treasure chest.

Gallows Moor

Jailor’s Key
Go up and after talking to the guard a scene will follow.You will get the Jailor’s Key after the scene is concluded.

Talk to the guard in front of the gate and you will be awarded with the four sets of Guards’Grab.

Chain Sickle
Go back to the right and break open the barrels to make the Chain Sickle yours.

Baby Escapee
Go down to the lower portion of the building and against the left wall to find three bookcases.Check the middle one to receive a Baby Escapee dreamscape.

Silk Tuxedo
Defeat Blackmar and get the Silk Tuxedo as a reward.

Orb of Truth
Go back down to the area with cells and beneath the prison town,head up the trap floor and descend the stairs that lead to the lower level.Follow the man that lead you and walk up to the prisoner and use the Jailor’s Key.You will receive the Orb of Truth.

Mortamor’s Dreadlair

Demon Spear
From the top of the staircase,go left and step onto the arrows. They’ll send you to the left and then down, granting you access to the left side of the room. Head left and then step onto the leftmost column of arrows that lead up toward the top of the room where you can open a treasure chest to obtain the Demon Spear.

Dragon Diligence
Climb the stairs leading up to the next floor, you’ll appear in a large chamber.Head straight down a long corridor to reach a set of double doors that leads to the next floor.Go right and up to find a treasure chest that you can open for the Dragonic Diligence.

Princess’s Robe
The chest on the right has the Princess’s Robe so grab it.

Metal King Sword
Go up to the wall right and then head up.Go through the opening on your right, then follow the path up, right, down, right and up to an intersection where you can either go right or up.

Head right along a path to reach a wall, you can then head up a short distance and left along a passage to find a chest that holds the Metal King Sword.

Post-Game Adventures

Liquid Metal Mind
Use Zoom Spell to head to Amor. Head north from there and enter the cave, descend through the dungeon to the second basement area. Go down the stairs on the upper left side of that floor to arrive in a third basement.

Check to the right and see three logs drifting nearby. Jump onto the middle of the three logs and ride it down. Ride logs across to the island and check the sparkling point on the ground to obtain the Liquid Metal Mind.

Sacred Armour
On the fifth basement floor, go up along the left side of the river. Cross a bridge to the right and check the treasure chest for the Sacred Armour.

Duplic Hat
Check out the dresser near the right wall and grab the Duplic Hat.

Frolicking Frogs
Go to the mayor’s house and talk to Sofia to receive instructions on how you can earn the Frolicking Frogs dreamscape.

Orichalcum Fangs
In Reaper’s Peak,go back into the cave you just left a moment ago and use Evac magic to return to the world map. Use Zoom magic to warp to Aridea. Search for a sparkling point on the ground to the upper left of the well to obtain the Orichalcum Fangs.

Raging Ruby
Inside the dungeon on the first floor, go up and right to reach a cave opening. Inside that cave, you’ll find lava along the floor. Go toward the left along the stone walkway and follow it to the lower-left when it leads to a staircase.

Climb those stairs to the second floor and head straight up along the left side of the path. There’s fire on the floor partway to the top area in this room, so cast magic accordingly. Descend the stairs to return to the previous floor but go up and to the right to find a sparkling point on the ground in front of a gravestone. Check it for a Raging Ruby.

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