Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Boss Guide – How to Defeat, Boss Tips and Strategies

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Boss Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about all the Main Story Quest Bosses in the game along with boss tips and strategies to help you defeat them all. There are quite a lot of Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Bosses in the game; however, some of them require the same strategies. Moreover, some of the bosses have certain weak points or weaknesses against certain damage types.

In this Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Boss Guide, I have provided boss tips, weaknesses to exploit, and other details.

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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Boss Guide

In our Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Boss Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding all the bosses and tips on how to defeat them without any difficulty.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Boss

Knight Errant
Knight Errant appears with a Grinade and two Mummy Men, and two Golems. Try to pay attention to the smaller foes before engaging the Knight Errant. The boss will try to charge at you followed by an attack. Do not receive damage, kite effectively, and win the battle.

While fighting Cesar, try to maintain a safe distance. You can also go in but only if you are good at blocking. During the fight, he will also summon Bodkin Archers – deal with them ASAP. At about 25% HP, Cesar will summon a small battalion of monsters. Like always, try to deal with the monsters before finishing off Cesar.

King Fernock
During this fight, you need to deal with the surrounding enemies before dealing with King Fernock. If you have a Monster Coin, remember that it can make your life a whole lot easier with a Monster Companion.

Captain Dodos & Captain Kaman
Keep in mind that both of them do not share the HP pool and have a range of melee attacks. However, they do not have a lot of attack speed and most of the attacks are easily avoidable. You need to try to focus on one of them at a time before focusing on the other one.

During this fight, Myushado will continue to summon enemies after reaching a certain HP threshold. Once again, you should focus on the lesser foes before engaging Myushado. However, even with your attention at the lesser monsters, do not forget to avoid Myushado.

Blue Dragon
The Blue Dragon has slow and telegraphed attacks. Try to take advantage of this and attack its head and tail whenever possible! There are three geysers in the area. If you successfully manage to lure the Blue Dragon into stepping on these geysers, they will stun him, allowing you to get some free hits.

Guardian of the Treasure
These two guardians are weak against Lightning so try to have members that inflict Lightning-damage to make this fight a whole lot easier. Another thing to note here is that if you manage to kill one before the other, the other one will resurrect the first one. Keeping this in mind, try to eliminate both of them at almost the same time. If you have some AOE Lightning-based attacks, use them to achieve your goal!

Twin Kings
The only positive thing about this boss fight is the shared HP pool of the Twin Kings. For this fight, try to have a couple of Healers and make sure to avoid the Curse status. If you cannot, try to remove it as soon as possible. The attack pattern that the Twin Kings usually follow is ATK > Warp > ATK so on and so forth. Use this information to effectively dodge the attacks and complete the fight.

Hood Monster
The Hood Monster not only has many different attacks but he also lobs bombs that deal a significant amount of damage. However, all of these attacks and bombs are avoidable. If you are not good at dodging, try to guard them. After a successful guard or dodge, land a couple of attacks and repeat the process.

Night Clubber
The first thing that you need to do is to kill the lesser foes. Once done, approach the Night Clubber and only attack from sideways or the backside. In this way, you will not get stun-locked which is huge in this fight. To make things a little easier, I recommend staying at a distance and using long-range poke.

King of Maurias
This boss fight comprises of two phases. To counter it, I recommend using Monster Coins for some additional damage. After the initial phase, the King of Maurias will summon some lesser foes. At this point, it is a good idea to focus on these lesser foes and keep your teammate healed up using Meena’s Multiheal.

For this boss fight, I recommend either a healer or a tank. If you wish to get in close and personal, it is paramount that you time your guards. After a brief cut-scene, she will change the pattern of her attacks and will use her spells more frequently.

During the fight with Balzack, always try to stick to his back. Balzack can easily stun-lock you, forcing you to receive the consequent hits as well. You must prevent it by attacking from its back or sides. To make the fight a little easier, try to maintain some distance and use long-range poke.

Missing Lynx
For this fight, I recommend strafing behind the boss or towards the sideways to avoid damage from the front. As long as you are not in the front side, you should have no problems dodging attacks. Speaking of attacks, try to avoid tornadoes as much as possible as they will always target you and hit quite hard.

Winged Sabercat
During the Winged Sabercat fight, I recommend getting beneath its legs and hit its sides. This should allow you to avoid its lunges and claw attacks. In addition to this, the Sabercat’s attacks are easy to see so you should have no difficulty guarding against them.

Demon Lord Zaram
You need to try to stay clear of the spell circle and only attack while he is casting. While this strategy tends to work 90% of the times, try to keep an eye out on AOE spells. In such a scenario, keep your guard up to avoid any damage. After reaching a certain HP threshold, Zaram will try out new spells so watch out! During the second phase, use the High Tension on the Holy Grail. Try to dish out consistent damage and kite effectively to win the fight.

Master Moosifer
The first thing that you need to do is to debuff him to make the fight relatively easier. I recommend maintaining a safe distance and kiting around while dishing out constant damage. After a certain HP threshold, Master Moosifer will summon different creatures. Try to deal with the lesser foes before engaging the boss.

Dhuran’s attacks cause no problem, the incredibly large HP pool does. In order to increase your damage output, try to use things like Angelo’s Oomph, Maribel’s Debuff with Kasap, or Tetsukabuto Ki. During the second phase, Dhuran will imbue his sword with fire. At this point, use Kabuff. Other than this, his attacks become a little complex. Try to keep your guard up and kite effectively.

King Daral
During the first phase, ignore the blue rings and focus on the red rings to deal with the tornadoes. While effectively dodging tornadoes, do not forget to hit King Daral after he re-joins the fray. During the second phase, try to have Jessica in your party. To avoid Dark Energy damage, try to attack from behind or from the sides. He will also summon tornadoes during the second phase but return to the battle immediately. Just continue to hit him and win the fight.

During the fight with Atlas, always try to stick to his back. Atlas can easily stun-lock you, forcing you to receive the consequent hits as well. You must prevent it by attacking from its back or sides. At about 25% HP, Atlas will enter the Berserk Mode, gaining additional Attack Damage and Attack Speed. Try to guard whenever you can and use the long-range attacks if you are not comfortable heading in.

Living Sculpture
When fighting the Living Sculpture, the only thing that you need to watch out for is its Ice Shockwave. The Ice Shockwave freezes its targets in place that results in a devastating consequent attack that deals increased damage. Keeping this in mind, try to avoid long-range battle and stick to melee. As long as you are avoiding the Ice Shockwave, you should have no problems.

King Fernock and King Maurias
Both of them are incredibly weak against Lightning-based attacks. During the fight, try to deal with the Magic Marionette first or simply use a Monster Coin to make your life a whole lot easier. Occasionally, King Maurias will leap into the air to fire at you. In such a case, try to dodge away from the bullets or jump up to hit him.

Powie Yowie
When fighting the Powie Yowie, the only thing that you need to watch out for is its Icy Breath attack. The said attack freezes its targets in place that results in a devastating consequent attack that deals increased damage. Keeping this in mind, try to avoid long-range battle and stick to melee.

Terry and Carver
One of the best things about Terry and Carver fight is that both of them use melee attacks. However, do note that they do not share the HP pool, which is why it is fitting that you try to deal with one before the other. Try to stick to long-ranged attacks, as they will make your life a lot easier as compared to melee.

Found in the Magical Forest, dish out some damage to him and he will leave the arena – summoning multiple demons in his place. At this point, you need to continue killing the demons until you see Hacksaurus back in the fray. When it happens, repeat the same strategy to win the fight.

This is all we have in our Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Boss Guide. Let us know if you have anything else that you would like to add!

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