Dragon Quest, Not Dragon Warrior, Out For Mobile Now

Dragon Quest, the original roleplaying game (RPG) from Enix or now Square Enix, is finally available in its original name for people outside of Japan. An English version has been released for mobile devices, both on iOS and Android.

Its previous port dates back from over a decade ago, when it was brought to Game Boy Color together with its sequel. There, however, it still bore a different title, namely Dragon Warrior.

The name change was due to a pen-and-paper RPG overseas already existing with the name Dragon Quest, which lead to concerns of copyright infringement. As a result, several of the game franchise’s titles were altered, before Dragon Quest became its own hallmark.

Furthermore, the first Dragon Quest made history in game development as well. It’s considered as a formative title for the Japanese RPG style we know today.

Moreover, the game has some added star power, as art for the game was done by Akira Toriyama, known for Dragon Ball. This specific style is notable throughout the series.

In case you’re worried of the usual Square Enix mobile shenanigans, there’s some relieving news. For one, Dragon Quest isn’t free-to-play, so you won’t be dragged down by pointless obstacles.

On the other hand, the mobile versions of the first Dragon Quest aren’t ridiculously expensive, like some other items in the Square Enix library. You can get it for just €2.69 or $2.99.

You’ll be able to play Dragon Quest in vertical mode, which mimics the twin screens from Nintendo handhelds. This might also be the first time that European gamers can put their hands on the title.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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