How to Get Stackable Totem in Dragon Quest Builders 2 for Increased Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most important aspects of Dragon Quest Builders 2. Having required Gratitude in the game allows you to buy recipes from the Isle of Awakening. While there are multiple ways of obtaining Gratitude of NPCs, you can increase it by Stackable Totems. Read on to learn how to obtain Stackable Totems in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Stackable Totems

You can construct buildings and cook food for NPCs in the game to receive Gratitude. The amount of Gratitude you receive depends on the type of builders and food.

However, the quantity of Gratitude provided to you can be increased with the help of Stackable Totems. Stackable Totem is composed of three pieces i.e. Drackolyte, Drackyma, and Stackable Dracky.

In order to construct a Stackable Totem, you have to travel toward the south side of the Bog. After doing so, ascend any single highest area from there and find a cave-structured building. Once you are inside, fight a few enemies to get the required pieces as a reward.

After acquiring Drackolyte, Dracky, and Drackyma, you should be able to stack them and craft the Stackable Totem. With the item at your disposal, you will start to receive the maximum amount of Gratitude that you can acquire from NPCs after completing tasks for them.

To learn more about how Gratitude works in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you can always refer to our Gratitude Guide.

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