Dragon Quest Builders 2 Night Soil Farming Guide

Night Soil in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is required to do many functions in the game like creating new fertilizers and foods to get your town more resourceful and getting enough supplies, thus, resulting in you earning more Gratitude from NPCs. Our Night Soil Farming Guide will help you learn about different ways you can obtain the material in DQB2.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Night Soil

As mentioned earlier, Night Soil is an important thing to carry on your progress in Dragon Quest Builders 2. But how do you get around to farming it in the game?

Required to grow different crops, there are three main ways in the game to find Night Soil:

Well, fertilizers are organic so you can build bathrooms and toilets throughout the town. There are two benefits of building them:

First, the town people will be happy as you are fulfilling their needs and second, when the toilets become full you have to empty them and that will give you Night Soil.

The other way that is easier is to hunt down the corpses, as corpses are also organic matter so when you hunt down a corpse you will get some Night Soil.

Another way is to simply roam the open-world and see for the dark material basically animal feces as they are also organic material so you will get them and break them down to get some Night Soil.

This is all there is to obtaining Night Soil in the game. If you have anything else to add to the guide, be sure to let us know!

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