How to Farm Gratitude in Dragon Quest Builders 2

In Dragon Quest Builders 2, to craft new items, expand the town/farm, and to create a civilization for your Townspeople to live in, you need to collect Gratitude. Gratitude is an important source in the game and you collect it using different methods. Only farm enough Gratitude that you need to buy recipes and build the villages on the islands.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Gratitude

Do not farm extra Gratitude, except for on the Isle of Awakening, as you won’t be taking it with you on the different islands.

We have curated a guide for you so you know how to farm Gratitude for your recipes and buildings. There are two methods of farming Gratitude in DQB2:


Cooking will farm you quite some Gratitude. In this method, you cook food for the NPCs and, in return, they give you Gratitude.

To cook food, you will be collecting some ingredients. To collect ingredients, you either hunt down monsters which drop the ingredients for you or you have to plant seeds.

After you get the ingredients, you have to cook food for them. When the food is ready, you can feed it to the NPCs.

Going around and giving each NPC their food will cost you a lot of time so instead, you can put the food in chests that can be easily found by the NPCs. After the NPCs get their food, they are going to give you the Gratitude.


Throughout the game, you are going to be requested to build for the NPCs. They are going to demand different rooms like bedrooms, restrooms, houses, farms, etc. Depending on the size of the room, you are going to be rewarded with Gratitude.

Gratitude will also depend on the creation of the room. Constructing a room will award you with Gratitude but the Gratitude received increases as you upgrade the room and more Gratitude is earned on assigning the room to an NPC.

The Gratitude earned now can be spent on buying new recipes on the Isle of Awakening.