Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Z-Orbs Farming Tips to Unlock Skills and Super Moves

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an immersive RPG that requires you to modify your characters and abilities through various approaches. One of these that will matter to you a lot during combat is getting new skill sets for each character with the help of Z-Orbs. If you are running short, let us help you with these Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Z-Orbs Farming Tips.

If you are bored of using the same skill set over and over again and don’t know how to get yourself a new and neat set of techniques, then look no further! This guide should clear up all the confusion you have regarding getting new techniques and such.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Z-Orbs Farming Tips

In order to diversify your skillset, you are going to want to unlock as many Z-Orbs as you can. They are found by discovering the vast open world of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Gathering enough of these will allow you to unlock skill trees of your respective characters and get them new powers and skills for future encounters.

Initially, you might find yourself with enough of this resource, but as you move on later on in the game; this resource certainly becomes quite the commodity. Z-Orbs are classified according to their color.

  • Blue Z Orbs
  • Red Z Orbs
  • Green Z Orbs
  • Rainbow Z Orbs
  • Silver Z Orbs
  • Gold Z Orbs

The first three of these are the most common you will find throughout your journey. Unlocking abilities requires you to have a stock of these orbs. The last 3 orbs are a bit rarer and have different techniques that need to be used in order to get them.

Farming Blue, Red and Green Z-Orbs
Most activities in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot are going to award you with Z-Orbs. These activities include the Main Campaign, fighting random enemies, wishing with the Dragon Balls and exploring the different regions of the game.

In the initial portion of the game it is recommended that you do not skip out on any side-quests or any of these orbs you find; as progressing through a certain arc will render all the side-quests and items un-acquirable in the future.

As you move through the story, the number of orbs you get from each encounter with enemies also increases due to their increased strength. It is recommended to simply beat random enemies over and over again instead of flying around in search of these orbs.

You can get the Rainbow, Silver and Gold Orbs by fighting tougher enemies which include the more ‘villainous’ ones that you face throughout your journey. These enemies will have a red aura around them and will be significantly tougher than the random enemies you fight throughout your adventure in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Once you’re a bit tougher in your shoes, go ahead and start farming these enemies too in order to get some of those super moves you want to show off in battle.

Farming Rainbow Z-Orbs
Initially, you will have a great opportunity to farm some of the rarer Z-Orbs so make sure you don’t skip out on any activity as you will not get a chance to do it again. The rarer orbs are rainbow-colored orbs and are needed to unlock some of the best skills on the skill tree.

These orbs will be found in a much smaller number compared to the other more common orbs during your exploration.

There are two activities that you can do in order to have a steady flow of rare Z-Orbs.

Look out for phantom airways and timed Z-Orbs. Activating a timed Z-Orb will allow more Z-Orbs to appear, some of them being rare and just what you need. Phantom Airways look like golden circles scattered throughout the sky.

As you re-enter or exit a location, the location of these will reset, which means you might have to put in a little effort to find them.

Flying into these will send you at high speeds collecting Z-Orbs and some rare Z-Orbs as well. You will find a Phantom Airway each time you re-enter a map making it a more reliable source for rare Z-Orbs.

Repeat entering an area over and over again in order to collect as many rare DBZ Kakarot Z-Orbs as you want.

Unlocking Super Attacks and Skills
You are going to want to unlock super attacks and other skills which are going to determine the outcome of your fight most of the time. Super Attacks include moves like Kamehameha, Galick Gun, the Masenko and many more iconic moves from the Dragon Ball series.

Unlocking Super Attacks in DBZ Kakarot requires a few items, one of them being the D-Medals. The D-Medals are found throughout the world by completing tasks, story missions and side-quests. These medals can then be turned in to unlock training which will help you unlock new DBZ Kakarot Super moves.

After this, you are going to want to farm all the Z-Orbs you need via the methods mentioned above.

Once you have all the Z-Orbs you need to unlock the desired Super Move, unlock all the skills up until the Super Attack that you desire to unlock in the tree. Now you will be spending your accumulated Z-Orbs in order to unlock the attack that you so willfully desire.

That concludes the detailed guide for all the things you are going to need to know for getting started on farming Z-Orbs and D-Medals in DBZ Kakarot; so you can make your Z-Fighter absolutely unstoppable in the battlefield.

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