Dragon Ball Z Kakarot King Yemma Quiz Answers Guide

Having died in the fight with Raditz, Goku must face his next challenge King Yemma’s Quiz. And that is precisely why we have prepared these Dragon Ball Z Kakarot King Yemma Quiz Answers.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot King Yemma Quiz Answers

King Yemma is the ruler of the other world and he isn’t too willing to let Goku go train with King Kai, In order to convince him of your worthiness, you have to answer King Yemma’s quiz.

Now all the DBZ Kakarot questions have quite simple answers, and all of these are actually discussed in the conversation preceding the quiz.

However, there are those who skip the conversation and hence this guide is for them, there is no shame in admitting you skipped it too.

Here are all the questions and their answers;

Q. Where was Raditz sent?
A. Hell

Q. Who is more powerful?
A. King Yemma

Q. Who is judged here after death?
A. Everyone

Q. Is there a way to bring back those who have already died?
A. Yes

Q. Which question is this?
A. The 5th

Well, these questions really turn out to be pointless, because even if you give the wrong answers, Yemma will accept it and then Kami will end up correcting us both.

Kami even mentions how the king is famous for his powers of denial. It would seem you can pick whichever answer you want and you’ll be permitted to go to King Kai regardless of whether it’s wrong or right.

This seems to be a funny little jab by the developers aimed at players who skip conversations in DBZ Kakarot.

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