Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Fishing Tips

Fishing is also a part of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot where Goku goes out to find fish and complete the side missions through it. Read on for some handy Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Fishing Tips.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Fishing Tips

To start fishing, you have to complete a side mission, Slice of Life which asks you to fish for the first time. After this mission, you basically unlock the ability to fish any time that you want.

While playing the game you are going to be asked to fish and find specific fishes for the missions. For fishing, all Goku has to do is stand on the marked place and put his tail inside the water and either bait or fish. There are fishes that you can catch in the game and then there are the fishes that you can find.

To catch fishes like Goliath Catfish and Scarlet Catfish you can bait and then fish. When you put your tail inside the water, you press the bait prompt which causes your tail to move. This method attracts fishes towards you.

The fishes move towards your tail with the same speed so the fish closest to you will be the one that you catch. This is the reason why you should wait if you are looking for a specific fish. Wait for it to face you and then put your tail in water so it the one that you catch first.

There are also fishes like Great Energetic Fish, which are deep in the water. For these fishes, you have to swim deeper into the water to the fish schools to get the item.

When you are catching the fish and are waiting to hit the right mark causes the fish to flee hence you have to be quick. If you miss the pointer and hit the unshaded regions then you do catch the fish but your grade gets lowered. Best is by timing the button prompt which increases your grade and improves your chances of getting the best rewards.

To get the baits for the fishes you can go to the traders and buy them. You do receive baits as rewards from the quests but apart from that, you get the baits when you are exploring the world.

Collect these so when you go and fish you don’t have to look around for them.

When you catch fishes, it rewards you with items for cooking. You can use these items in your recipes and cook meals to eat. Other than that, you can also sell the material that you get from the fish like fish scales. Selling these can get you some Zenis which can buy you other important items