Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Online Co-op Tips and Strategy

Even though many a people considered it to be the worst Dragon Ball Z game in the franchise, the online co-op mode is really engaging.

When it comes to new and returning players, things always don’t go as planned; especially in the online mode. That is because most of them do not pay heed to important stuff.

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To counter it, I will be covering various tips and strategies that can be used both in online and offline gameplay that will improve your gameplay experience. So without further ado, let’s get to them:

Character Selection
Knowing your character and your opponent’s character is the most important thing to consider before a match. Mastering your character and knowing weakness of other characters comes with time and practice.

While waiting in a lobby; keep an eye out on enemies’ and your allies’ characters and choose your characters accordingly. If your team is opting for Ki-type and Melee attackers, you may want to go for a Healer. Backing your team up in crisis is a good way to survive longer in a match.

Help your teammates
Healers do have their advantages, but surprise death cannot be avoided in different circumstances. If your ally is knocked out, he/she will fall to the ground and a timer of 5 seconds will start.

After the timer has hit zero, that ally will consume a ‘Retry’ and will revive.

In this way, you can help in such circumstances is following your ally to the ground and revive him/her before the timer hits zero. In this way, your ally will get revived to one-third of his or her HP and will not consume any ‘Retries’.

However, once again, keep an eye out for your opponents as they can follow you to the ground and catch you off-guard. In such cases, characters like SSJ2 Goku can use their teleport ability to reach out to fallen teammates in a much faster way. Similarly, Kaioken techniques are really beneficial.

Hail your Healer
Now that you know how important your Healer can be, it is your main priority to protect him/her at all costs.

Always keep an eye on the Healer’s health bar, if it depletes too quickly, then you should look into the matter.

Your Healer’s Character Icon will start blinking red if he/she is being targeted by an enemy. Furthermore, it is very crucial to see if your Healer is running out of Ki and if so, sharing is caring! And even if healer has plenty of Ki, it does not hurt to share some if the other players do not require any.

Have a headset and talk to your teammates during the game!

There! I just gave you the best gaming advice you could ever receive and not only for Dragon Ball Z but for gaming in-general. Sharing knowledge and in-game tips can prove to be really beneficial for your team.

You will not only improve coordination and chances of victory but will also make some decent friends; I have.

How a Healer Should Act
When playing as a Healer, you should not try and get in the main fighting area! Try to maintain some distance between you and enemies. However, do not forget about your role and keep on backing up your team. But not always! You will often find situations when you see enemy characters in your pursuit, if so, RUN! That’s your best bet.

Furthermore, keep an eye on your allies’ Ki. If you see that one of them is running out of Ki, share your own Ki. This will not deplete your own Ki so you can do as many times as you like.

And finally, if you see your teammates syncing together to execute a Chain Attack, join in to increase the damage but retreat immediately as you can receive damage in the process.

That’s pretty much all we have on Online Co-Op Tips, share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

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