Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cards and Recommended Teams Guide

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has been out for quite some time now and despite all the hate it has received; the game is pretty fun to play. This guide is addressed to all veterans and newbies altogether.

I will be sharing some insights on recommended teams and card combos to make it even more exciting and experimental.

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cards and Recommended Teams

Recommended Teams

Since everyone has his/her or her personal preference about teams, the combinations below cannot be considered as the best one out there. They may or may not work for you, but it never hurts to experiment a bit and broaden your horizons.

Before heading into combinations, I would ask you to play the Normal Mode first. In this way, you will unlock evil characters that can be used in Alternate Mode.

Most of the characters mentioned below are already unlocked. And even if they are not, it will not take long to unlock them.

Saiyan (Normal)
Player: Goku
CPU #1: Kid Gohan
CPU #2: Krillin
CPU #3: Piccolo

Saiyan (Alternate)
Player: Vegeta
CPU #1: Nappa
CPU #2: Raditz
CPU #3: Saibaman

Freezer (Normal)
Player: Goku
CPU #1: Kid Gohan
CPU #2: Krillin
CPU #3: Piccolo

Freezer (Alternate)
Player: Freezer Final
CPU #1: Freezer 2
CPU #2: Ginyu
CPU #3: Jeice

Cyborg (Normal)
Player: SSJ Goku
CPU #1: Teen Gohan
CPU #2: Krillin
CPU #3: Any

Cyborg (Alternate)
Player: Perfect Cell
CPU #1: Android 18
CPU #2: Android 16
CPU #3: Android 17

Buu (Normal)
Player: SSJ Goku
CPU #1: Android 18
CPU #2: SSJ Gohan
CPU #3: Any

Buu (Alternate)
Player: Majin Vegeta
CPU #1: Evil Buu
CPU #2: Dabura
CPU #3: Majin Buu

SSJ Goku mentioned in Cyborg (Normal Path) can be unlocked by completing the first mission with S rank.

Freedom of Selection
You may have noticed cut-scenes and side-quests during some missions. These provide players with the ability of freely choosing your character. After completing all missions on all paths along with all cut-scenes and side-quests, the ability to freely choose character in every mission is provided, except:

Mission #1: Goku
Mission #2: Goku
Mission #3: Kid Gohan
Mission #45: Goku

These missions require you to play with afore mentioned characters and CPU supports. Anyway, once you have unlocked the Free Selection, try out different combination to see what works best for you! For example:

Player: Any
CPU #1: Android 18
CPU #2: Evil Buu
CPU #3: Vegetto

You should really opt for your best character, no tips there! As for CPU #1, I have opted for Android 18 as she is a darn good healer. She can heal herself and you and will help you stay alive for long.

As for Evil Buu, he has a power of 800 and 26,000 hit points which can prove fatal even for the toughest for the enemies. He can also stun enemies and heal allies for a short duration of time.

And lastly, the CPU #3 again depends upon you since it varies from situation to situation. You can opt for a healer, a melee attacker, or Ki-type.

Recommended Cards

As a general rule of thumb, you should opt for high stat. Boost cards in every slot. When it comes to Special Cards and Items, they are a lot harder to choose from. Once again, it varies from person to person but here are some of the best out there:

Ultra Combination Crash
This card is unlocked from Premium Shop and increases the AI of CPUs by 1. It also increases the Attack Power of your characters. The only thing to note here is that since the CPU can only go up to 10, the card is not helpful when they are already at 10.

Energy Absorption System
These are also unlocked from Premium Shop and absorb enemy’s Ki to refill your own through physical and Ki-type attacks depending upon the card.

Potential Level #3
This card comes in really handy if you are constantly taking damage from your enemies. It basically increases your Defense when your HP starts to get low. The more your HP gets lower, the more Defense Boost you will receive.

Fighters Pride
Fighters Pride increases all your stats by a minute amount which is not much but it’s definitely worth it. You should consider looking into it if you don’t find any other card.

Saiyan Power
If you have been knocked out, the Saiyan Power will increase your stats by a considerable amount. And I am talking about ALL stats.

Dendes Miracle
There are a total of 7 different Dendes Miracle cards for 7 different stats. These cards increase the slot for particular stat. or item by 1. For example, if you have three slot for Attacking Power for a particular character, it will make it 4. Similar is the case for Items.

When it comes to Items, there are only two of them that require your utmost attention:

Senzu Bean 1/2
This card costs around 8,000 DP and provides with an extra retry with 50% of the HP. The only catch is that it will only work for character who has equipped it. For example, if you have 0 retries and your CPU character dies; the end!

Senzu Bean
This one works exactly like the ½ version and costs around 30,000 DP. The only difference is that it will revive the character equipping it to full HP instead of half.

Share your own combination cards and recommended teams in the comments below!

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