Dragon Ball Legends Tips and Tricks

Ready to take on the galaxies’ most powerful heroes on handheld devices? Now you can with Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Legends that features a fully 3D combat system and many characters on the list. Our Dragon Ball Legends Tips and Tricks will guide you on all the basic concepts and mechanism you should be aware of before starting the game.

Dragon Ball Legends Tips and Tricks

A must play for Dragon Ball fans, the game has both a solo Story Mode and a Multiplayer Battle Mode where you are pitted against players from anywhere on the globe.

Although the combat is turn-based, kind of like card games, this does not mean there is not a real strategy involved or fun to be had.

Starting from the Story Mode, you will be treated to many of the game mechanics including Souls, Limit-Break, and Z-Ability. As you progress and level up, you will unlock the PVP Mode and Event Mode to unlock more medals and trade them in for souls.

Souls increase the stats of the character and they come in three categories: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Super.

You can boost the hero’s stats by going to the Soul Boost Section of the menu and then increase a specific stat from Health, Strike Attack, Blast Attack, Strike Defense, and Blast Defense.

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Story Mode and Challenges

As you play through the many chapters of the campaign, you will be able to collect Crystals, Souls, and Z-Points. You can also carry out some optional side challenges within the Campaign Mode.

These are a certain set of tasks that ask require you to do various things like surviving the match without any of the hero downed, etc.

Challenges will let you earn Chrono Crystals and rare medals that you can use in the store to purchase rare items. Moreover, you will earn player XP to level up the heroes in your party.

Team Building

When it comes to team building the most important component is Z-abilities. All 6 characters in your party contribute their ability to the 3 that are in combat, assuming they have the right tag. Think category for tags, you can see them all. Because of this, Saiyan teams are the strongest, currently.

For Soul boosting, the most important feature is ‘class up’ which let’s you break the level cap for your units. After you have taken care of that, you can go back and fill in the rest of the panels to just boost your stats. It requires a hefty amount of rising and super souls, but is also a mighty drain on your zeni.

The three trends now are either by color (running a mono color team which is risky) tags such as saiyan or ginyu force (most common) or a rainbow team with the strongest characters from each color ( good for countering but hard to boost each other ). What ever way you do it, you plan according to their Z abilities.

Character Types and Elements

Each character has a certain playstyle that is categorized into four groups: Support, Defense, Melee, and Ranged. You can tap on a character to known about their category before you can head into battle.

There also exists a difference in the rarity of the characters, three of them actually. The first one or the zero star is the Hero, next to it is Extreme with one star, followed by a Sparking two star as the highest level of rarity.

The characters also come with their own elements that dictate how the combat works and if you have an elemental advantage. Follow this simple rule:


Keep in mind that where any colour is stronger against the one next to is, it is weaker then the one before it.

It is highly advisable to choose heroes that have an elemental advantage before you head into any chapter of the main story mode.

Other then this, there are two elements, but these are only used in story mode and shallot. These are the Light and Dark.

  • Dark is strong to all elements but weak to Light
  • Light is Strong to dark and neutral to all other elements

Unlocking Characters and Limit-Break

For this purpose, you need character shards that can be collected by the Summon Option in the game’s menu. These shards are called Z-Power. Each summons gives you a number of Z-Power units for any one of the characters. And once the Z-Power is filled, the character is unlocked.

You could either select the Single Summon or the Consecutive Summon with the latter one yielding better results. Wait for the shards to load up to the required amount and then get your new hero!

Using the same Summon Option, you can use the Limit Break Ability on a hero. What it does is basically increase the power in all stats of the hero you might use.

However, there is a problem with this unlocking mechanism as you can get the Z-Power units for any character, even the ones you have already unlocked which will only level them up. But there is also a good side to it, for if you have a favorite character that is not strong enough, you can just wait to collect Z-Power units for it to reach max level and get strong.

To level up your characters, you need to obtain Tickets and Zeni. This is most easily done by playing through the Campaign Mode and Training Mode.


Souls will be a vital currency in Dragon Balls Legends as these are used to upgrade your character.

Spending Souls on your characters can upgrade various traits such as health, attack defence and Ki. This adds an element of RPG in the game, allowing you to either go for an aggressive or a tanky character, or even a well balanced one.

Two typs of souls can be found in the game, Rising Soul and Super Soul, both of which have Red, Yellow, Green Purple and Blur variants of tiers 1,2 and 3.

Rising Soul is used to unlock boost panels and in class-ups. Super Soul is used to upgrade character levels.

You earn these souls by playing through the story mode. Repeating chapters is a viable method to farm these souls.

Earning medals in PvP modes can also be exchanged for souls


Rerolling is the process of creating a new one repeatedly until you obtain the most desirable characters you want in your initial summons.

Rerolling allows you to keep on trying your luck to get the best possible character at the start of the game.

Even though reroll is not a feature in the game, there is a way for players to get as many chances as possible.

  • Close Dragon Ball
  • Delete all data of Dragon Ball Legends game from the settings app (Settings > Apps > DBL > Clear Data)
  • Try again with the pre-registration gifts.

If you are not sure if you want to lose any of your rolls, you can follow this method:

  • After rolling, force close Dragon Ball (Settings > Apps > DBL > Force Close).
  • Open the following files: Android  > data > com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww > files.
  • At the end, save the file starting with “ ecd ”, copy this file and save it where you can access it again.
  • Enter the game then reroll to try your luck.


Like the many turn-based games, you will need to read, guess and respond to the AI’s or a real player’s moves.

You play with a total of 3 characters against three of your enemy’s. Both put their efforts to incapacitate all other’s characters to win the fight. Essentially you have to deplete the energy bars of all three characters of your opponent before they do yours.

You can shift between your characters during the battle. And the good part is, you can do this as many times as you want to. So, whenever a character tires out or their vanishing meters run empty, you can switch them with another one immediately.

You can shift between characters by taping on their portrait on the bottom left corner of the screen. And when you have tapped a character out of the fight, their portrait will go black and white while indicating a cool down before they can be brought back into battle.

You have two cards for attacking and two cards for defense. Moreover, you have a Vanishing Bar that will be consumed as you dodge or swipe out of harm’s way.

There are two cards each for attacking and defense. You use these to either attack your enemy with the melee or ranged attacks or defend against theirs. But there is no blocking your enemy’s attacks. A direct hit will cause severe damage or even incapacitate you for a moment.

However, a perfectly timed swipe to the side of the screen while the enemy is attacking can allow you to vanish completely evading the opponent’s effort to land a hit.

Characters can also be switched between turns and when this happens, the new hero will have a fully filled Vanishing Meter.

By swiping on the screen towards your enemy, your character will come up to a melee distance to the adversary. When in a close distance to the enemy, you can attack with a combination of punches and kicks by quickly tapping on the enemy.

When you land a strike, you can choose the Rising Rush and other cards to combo into move attacks and take out a chunk of the enemy’s HP.

You can also perform Special Moves when you have charged your KI. Since you will be using this often in battle, your KI will deplete quickly.

When it is time to recharge it, get as much distance as you can get between the two of you and then charge it.

Another important component of the battle is the Art Cards. They appear in a row on the bottom of the screen. They use up your Ki to charge a series of deadly blows to the enemy that cause immense damage. You have to perfectly time this attack, only while the enemy is momentarily incapacitated after a direct hit. Also, note that you can use this attack only when the Ki bar is filled.

Powerful Characters

Lastly, we have highlighted some of the heroes that you would find more powerful and worthy of spending time on compared to the other ones. Obviously, this does not mean the other heroes will not suit your playstyle.

This is just our recommendation for doing well in PVP Mode:

  • Super Saiyan Goku : For an incredible damage output, choose this character.
  • Vegeta: Also a great damage dealer especially because of his unique ability which puts attack power up by 50%.
  • Piccolo: Highest HP in the game and also the strongest defenses. Moreover, he can also heal 25% of an ally’s health.
  • Pan: Foes will not be able to recharge their KI as quick now with Pan’s ability. He is also a well-rounded support character.

This is all we have in our Dragon Ball Legends Tips and Tricks. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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