Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide – Assists, Super Dash, Punishing, Z-Reflect, Tips and Tricks (For Beginners)

Finding it difficult to understand new mechanics introduced in Dragon Ball FighterZ? Want to know how to get the best out of assists, punishments, and combos? Our Dragon Ball FighterZ guide is a good starting point to understand gameplay mechanics like super dash, assists, jumping attacks, projectile attacks and much more!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tips For Beginners

Before we start with the specific tips and tricks, it is worth mentioning how you can unlock the Hard Modes in both Arcade and the Story. To unlock the Hard Arcade mode, simply finish the Arcade mode on all 3 of the other difficulties. Once you have done that, the mode will automatically unlock.

For the Story mode, you can unlock the Hard mode by finishing the story on the normal difficulty for the first time. However, if you want to actually play the story in the Hard Mode, then you need to restart the story from the First Arc and select the aforementioned difficulty.

The enemies will be much tougher but you will also earn more Zeni, and unlock Level 6 skills while playing in this mode. Lastly, you are rewarded with 80,000 Zeni for each Arc you complete on the Hard Difficulty.


This section of our Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide will help you in understanding the Assists feature in the game. Since the game is based on three players, you have to really understand which Assist is better when making a team.

The Assist is as good as the Team Combination. Furthermore, having a good Assist is as important as having a good team of three.

GotenksGalactic Donuts
Gotenks jumps on the stage and dashes out a circular-like Energy Rod that will track your opponent and deals damage. Arguably, one of the best Assists in the game.

Kid BuuBall Attack
Ball Attack when connected to an opponent or blocked; circles around them, keeping them at the same place. The Assist is very effective when it comes to combos.

VegetaAerial Consecutive Energy Blast
Vegeta assists by shooting blasts from a great height. If it connects, Combo Points start to build up. If blocked, the opponent remains still until the assist is over.

Android 18Barrier
The Barrier helps in blocking the damage when the assist is called upon. The timing of this assist is very important which can make it a game-changer.

SSB VegetaBig Bang Attack
SSB Vegeta lunches the Big Bang Attack which limits you to startup period. It is fairly hard to hit Vegeta before he casts the Big Bang Attack.

How to Punish Super Dash

To punish Super Dash, just press Down + Heavy Attack. Super Dash is almost available for every character in the game. Blocking the Super Dash is not difficult but coming back from that is not easy.

As for the Super Dash, it is an Aerial Attack. Players cover their Super Dash Attack by using Assist; therefore, keep an eye on it. If you are facing the Super Dash spam, make sure you punish your enemy for making this mistake.

Getting Started With Story Mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Once you have selected the Story Mode from the main menu, you will be transported off to a tutorial section where you can experiment with the extreme basics. After this, you will move over to a full map of the story mode.

You will have a specific number of moves in which you will have to get to the boss at the end of the map. This will allow you to move on to the next area of the map one by one until you have finished the story.

There are many optional laces for you to visit but remember that if you run out of moves, then the game is over for you. For this reason, you need to try and plan your way across the map and ensure that you do not fail to reach the boss.

The minor fights that you do will level up your character so be sure to take them when you can afford to. If you see a green marker above a character, you can battle someone to rescue them and add them to your roster.

There is a limit of three characters though, so beware of that. Remember that if you do fail on some of the smaller fights, then you will need to start the map all over again. The boss will be much stronger than you so try to fight as many underlings as you can so that you can level up your roster.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay Tips and Tricks

First of all, make sure that you are down to the fundamental mechanics of the game before you venture out to the advanced stuff. If you are not comfortable with the basics, then you will definitely lose to some of the bosses in the game regardless of how much fancy crap you know.

Learning to Combo is another thing that you need to be aware of. You may have many simple moves that are easy to learn, but learn to use them in succession to ensure that you can output the most amount of damage that is possible.

This will prove incredibly useful in the later stages of the game and especially the hard mode, as the opponents will be much tougher than before and defeating them will definitely require you to do some fancy stuff.

Learn to manage your Ki. Older players of the series will probably not have a lot of problems with this mechanic, but newer players need to realize that they have a limited amount of Ki, and learning to know when is the right time to use it is essential for anyone who wants to be good at this game.

Diversifying your playstyle is very essential, especially in multiplayer game modes. You might be completely comfortable with a character and a beast on it, but in case it dies in the middle of a battle due to a misplay or bad luck, you should have a couple of backups with whom you still know what to do.

Otherwise, you will be a one trick pony who will have won the battle but lost the war. So remember to have a few characters that you are good on rather than focus on a single character.

If you press the Light and Medium buttons together, you will perform a short dash which will allow you to move closer to your enemy and deal a multitude of attacks which will massively dwindle the health of your opponent.

Remember to be aware of when you feel like the opponent is about to do something massive, and stop him in his tracks using this mechanic.

How to Super Dash
Super Dash is one most used move. It is fairly good in coving up the gaps. You can trigger by simply pressing R2/RT.

How to Z-Reflect
By simply moving the Analogue Stick away from your opponent and pressing X/A, you can perform Z-Reflect. This move needs to be correctly timed! When timed perfectly, your character should parry your opponent’s attacks.

How to Sparkling Blast
Sparkling Blast can be launched by pressing R1 + R2/RB + RT. Sparkling Blast creates a blast that damages a nearby opponent.

How to Guard Cancel
Guard Cancel works the same as Alpha Counter for other fighting games. You can press Forward + L1/LB after while in block-stun animation to perform it.

That is all we have for our Dragon Ball FighterZ Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below.

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