Dragon Age Short Stories In Tevinter Might Point To Dragon Age 4 Setting

Bioware’s Dragon Age is known for its in-depth lore. Every area the game has been set in, has deeply affected the story of the game. And now short stories in the next area which many say Dragon Age 4 will be set in, are going to be released.

People have been speculating that upcoming Dragon Age 4 would be set in the Tevinter Imperium. This is because of the way Inquisition’s final DLC pack Trespasser ended. It ended with the Inquisitor’s knife seeming to single out the region on a map. This setting isn’t actually confirmed, but fans will be able to enjoy some of the land’s stories regardless. A collection of short stories based on the new installments’ potential setting is coming.

Patrick Weekes, who is currently the lead Dragon Age writer and author of some companion novels to the series, has posted a Tweet. It was to clarify that the upcoming collection of short stories isn’t just his brainchild. Instead, he’s one of four editors of the book, which is called Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights. He says it’s “an anthology of short stories set in the Dragon Age universe.”

Details on the Amazon pre-order page for the book are sparse. However, you can get a good look at the front cover. Intelligent guessing backed by prior knowledge about the Tevinter Imperium, we can guess that the stories might feature some tales about mages and magic-users. Unlike other many other places in the game’s continent Thedas, the use of magic in Tevinter is not hugely restricted.

According to the Amazon page, the book will be available in paperback and is due for release March 10, 2020. Its other editors are Chris Bain, Matthew Goldman, and Christopher Morgan. But even though you won’t have to wait too long for the book, it looks like Dragon Age 4 could still be a way off. In the meantime, you can read the book if you want to have your Dragon Age fix.