Dragon Age: Inquisition Writer Defends The Right to Criticize

We all face criticism in this industry, be it writers, producer or directors. When somebody doesn’t like our work or doesn’t agree with our opinions, they don’t hesitate in being vocal about it.

Same was the case with Anita Sarkeesian, who has criticized Dragon Age: Origins on her Youtube series, Tropes vs Women in Video Games.

After John Epler who is a developer at Bioware defended her criticism on twitter, one fan tweeted and said that either Epler hadn’t watched the videos or hasn’t played the game himself.

This went viral and something interesting happened, Dragon Age: Inquisition lead writer David Gaider took this situation as an opportunity to state his opinion regarding criticism.

In a post, he asked the fans why do they care so much about this one opinion of a female critic? He further stated that there is no shortage of opinions over the internet so why bother with this particular one?

Since it’s not a real issue, so is the idea of women being subject to any kind of systemic abuse or oppression. “Hey, I’m a gamer—I’ve been ridiculed and marginalized as well. Why does nobody care about my problems? Everyone has issues, so why do I suddenly have to be the bad guy? You guys are oppressing me!

He believes that the industry needs to learn how to handle criticism, any kind of it and from all sections of the audience.

He further said that we are all grown ups and we can take it. Personally, I do agree with him. The industry needs to learn the ability to handle it, and that includes the fans.

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