Dragon Age Inquisition War Table Scouting Operations, Missions, Rewards

Dragon Age Inquisition War Table Scouting Operations Tips, Missions Tips and how to get maximum Rewards.

When you’re not busy exploring the vast world of Dragon Age: Inquisition, you’ll probably be spending time staring down the War Table. This is the place in your Skyhold where you perform all your operations.

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Dragon Age Inquisition War Table

The War Table is basically a table with a large outlaid map of southern Thedas, covering Fereldan and Orlais. At the start, you’ll only have access to Fereldan, and within Fereldan you’ll have access to only a handful of operations.

However, as you perform these operations and the game progresses, more will come up. Operations come in two forms: Scouting Operations and Missions.

Scouting Operations and Missions are carried out by your Advisors i.e. Cullen, Leliana, and Josephine. Each of them have a special set of traits that would make them more suitable for certain operations than the other two.

Scouting Operations

Scouting Operations is the primary method through which you’ll expand the world for yourself to explore. Carrying out these will unlock new locales.

However, you can’t carry out scouting operations operation just like that though – you need Power for that, and Power is obtained by critical path plots, establishing camps, closing Fade rifts, capturing keeps, finding all landmarks in a locale, or by defeating high dragons.

Once you have accumulated enough power, you can select an operation on the war table, and have one of your Advisors carry it out. The cost associated with the operation will also be shown.

One main way Scouting Operations differ from missions is that they do not consume any time at all. You can carry out the operation, and it will be completed instantaneously. Even if an Advisor is busy conducting a mission, he or she can still perform scouting operations.


Missions are much more complex than Scouting Operations, as they are more closely embedded into the main plot and progression. As your Inquisition grows, it will become harder for you to be everywhere. For this reason, you’ll have to leave certain missions for your Advisors.

Certain missions will be better tailored for a specific advisor, while others will be more balanced. Each mission has a specific amount of time required for completion. This time can be reduced by acquiring additional agents for your advisors.

Before starting a mission, make sure you take your time to read the details and briefing, and then choose your advisor according. Leliana is a spymaster and uses her agents to collect information.

Josephine is a diplomat and has many connections, making her a powerful ally. Cullen is a former Templar and leads the Inquisition army, and has a more direct approach to things.

Decide who suits the specific mission the best. Usually, it is the advisor who completes the mission the quickest.

Missions are completed in real time, so if you encounter a mission that takes several hours to complete, consider assigning it, then ending your gaming session.

Turn your game back on after a few hours and the mission should be completed.


Scouting Operations generally don’t offer much rewards, but Missions certainly do. The rewards can be seen once a mission is completed.

Return to the table and select the mission marker on the map – the report will come up, along with its rewards. Rewards are of various types – they can include gold, influence, equipment, and approval from party members.

Rewards are also dependent on the advisor you assigned to the mission. As you collect the report, additional missions may pop up on the war table that are tied to the ones you just completed.

Make sure that you collect the reports of all your completed missions to expand the amount of missions available on the war table.

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