Dragon Age Inquisition Val Royeaux Side Quests Guide

As the capital city of Orlais, Val Royeaux is home to Andrastian Chantry. It’s also one of the largest cities of Thedas but as far as the game is concerned, it’s one of the areas you will spend lesser time.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Val Royeaux Side Quests

There are only two side quests in Val Royeaux and you can find the complete walkthrough for them below:

A Friend of Red Jenny

Quest Location / Objective: The quest will start right after the fist major cut-scene in Val Royeaux. Walk away from a plaza and an arrow will drop near you. You’ll find a letter attached to it, read the letter to start the quest.

Your objective is find three red objects and search the market,cafe and the docks.

Reward: Sera

Walkthrough: The objects you need to find can be searched in any order. The cafe and the docks are on the same level but you’ll need to fast-travel in order to reach the upper market.

The location of these objects is marked on your compass, but you must use the search ability to loot them.

Once you have all three of them, a new location will be marked on your world map. Reach the location and explore to find a door which will lead you to the inner plaza.

After a small battle, you’ll be given the option to add a new party member named Sera. Add her or not, your quest is now complete.

The Imperial Enchanter

Quest Location / Objective: After the first major cut-scene, as you walk away from the plaza you’ll see a mage. He will talk to you automatically and invite you to a salon. The quest will start after this, sometimes it even start by just standing close to him.

Reward: Vivienne

Walkthrough: After the quest is triggered, a new location will be marked on your world map. This location is to the north of Val Royeaux. Once you reach the location and talk to Vivienne.

She’ll show interest in joining the Inquisition. I would advise you to add her as she can be a powerful ally.

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