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If you are looking to go treasure hunting in Dragon Age Inquisition, we have the treasure map locations for your assistance,

You will find a fistful of Treasure Maps scattered throughout the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition. True to their names, these maps bear the locations of invaluable treasures hidden deep within the game’s world.

Despite of prominent landmarks shown on these Treasure Maps, the actual treasure can be quite hard to find.

Dragon Age Inquisition Treasure Maps Locations

In this guide, I’ve described the location of each Treasure Map and its respective treasure that can be found in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Hinterlands

Map of a Farmland Cave
Map Location: You will find Map of a Farmland Cave in Hafter’s Woods.

Treasure Location: In order to find this treasure, you need to head towards Redcliffe Farms. From Redcliff Farms, head west to come to Dead Ram Grove. You will encounter enemies here so be on your guard!


Explore this area and you will see a cave on top of the hill. There is another small cave located in the south side of the cavern on top of the hill. Head inside this small cave to find the treasure.

Map to a Waterfall
Map Location: You will find this map in the upper lake camp in the Hinterlands area.

Treasure Location: In order to find this treasure, head towards Lake Luthias and take the ‘West Road’. Keep on following the path and you will come across a broken bridge shown in the map.

From this point, take the eastern path to get to the waterfall shown in the map. You will have to deal with Templars in this area so be equipped with your best gear.

Once you are done with Templars, take the path at the back of the Templar Encampment to go under the waterfall. Look for the out of place dirt-patch in the area and claim the treasure to complete this quest.

Sketch of Calenhad’s Foothold
Map Location: Near a rock in Hinterlands starting camp

Treasure Location: After acquiring the Treasure Map, travel west from the camp and cross the mountain path to reach the castle ruins to find the treasure. There are chances that you will find demons in this area.

The Exalted Plains

Sketch of Enavuris River
Map Location: You will find this on a corpse at the edge of the river.

Treasure Location: You need to travel to Halin’sulahn region and search the shores near the south of the Ancient Baths to find this.

Map of Enavuris
Map Location: North of the Dalish Camp in the Exalted Plains. Look for it on the little plateau with the arrow.

Treasure Location: It’s north of the Dalish camp, west of the map landmark, Demetrius’s End.

If you stand inside the ruin north of the Dalish camp that has a veilfire brazier in it and look north, you’ll have a view that matches the sketch in the codex. Or just find the rocky outcropping west of Demetrius’s end, before you get to the aqueduct.

Map of HalinSulahn
Map Location: This map is located in Ghilan’nain’s Grove, in the hunter’s camp. You may have to fight a dragon or sneak past it to reach the map.

Treasure Location: Once you’ve acquired the map, head towards the Dalish Camp in the southwest edge of the Exalted Plains. Go towards the waterfall located in the south of the Dalish Camp. Get to the right side of the waterfall and climb the mountain right next to it.

The treasure you seek can be found at the tip of the mountain, right next to the waterfall.

The Emerald Grave

Map of Watcher’s Pass
Map Location: After speaking to Fairbanks in Emerald Graves, explore the camp and you will find this map in one of the shacks nearby.

Treasure Location: Once you have acquired the map, head towards the west side and reach the westernmost rift near the ‘Rush of Sighs’.

The treasure you seek is located on a large mountain right next to the Fade Rift. Climb this mountain and take the path on the left side of the large lone tree.

Claim the treasure and close the Fade Rift if you want, before leaving the area.

Map of Elgar’nan’s Bastion

Map Location: You will find this Treasure Map near an ancient elven ruins in Gracevine

Treasure Location: For the actual treasure, you need to head over to the west of the Elgar’nan’s Bastion. The stone arch and glowing tree shown in the map are very prominent in this area.

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