Dragon Age Inquisition Leliana Hits When You are Most Vulnerable

There are many characters in Dragon Age Inquisition that have a lot to be said about them. Apart from the party members, we have Leliana, who was recently discussed by the developers over at the official website of the game.

Leliana is another returning character in Dragon Age Inquisition, and she is the Advisor to the Inquisition. Other than her, there is Morrigan, Varric and Cassandra – Morrigan, like Leliana won’t be a party member.

The introduction given to us about Leliana describes her as ‘a steadfast ally’ for those who have earned her loyalty – she rarely has friends.

To the rest, she is known as Sister Nightingale or The Left Hand of The Divine.

The latter is because ‘her devotion to the Maker is matched only by her devotion to Divine Justinia V, a woman who is both mentor and savior.’

Talking of, her enemies (and the enemies of the Divine) will fear her because she is ‘the shadow behind the Sunburst Throne,’ and is someone who will strike you when you are not expecting it, when you are at your most vulnerable.

Along with the introduction, BioWare also shared a couple of images of Liliana just so that you know how she looks after she has found faith amid the darkness.

Check them out below:

If you are interesting in finding out more about the other characters in the game, head here to see the Stand Together trailer that shows the companions.

Or watch this video that was shown only to the journalists at this year’s E3.

Dragon Age Inquisition is slated for a release onto Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 7, 2014.

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