Dragon Age Inquisition Advisors Guide – Tips, Romance, War Table Operations

Dragon Age Inquisition Advisors' tips to help you complete their inner circle quests, manage war table operations and romance them if really want to.

Leliana, Cullen, and Josephine are the most trust-able advisors of the Inquisition. You can always count on their expertise on various affairs and connections to provide insight on different subjects.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Advisors

As the serving head of the Inquisition, your job is to listen to them all and decide what is in the best interest for everyone!

Your Advisors may not agree with each other at times, but rest assured, they will do whatever it takes to prevent any harm that may befall the Inquisition.

Finally, do note that your Advisors are not only about political decision-making. You can complete their Inner Quests and even develop a romantic interaction with some of them – namely, Cullen and Josephine.


Cullen has been trained as a fighter since his young age. He has been an active devotee of the Templar Order. He witnessed the Mage-Templar conflict at Kirkwall and rallied the remaining Templars to restore peace to the city.

He was discovered by Cassandra Pentaghast who deemed him fit for the Inquisition. Now he serves the role of an Adviser and strives to bring in a change.

Inner Circle Quests

  • Perseverance
  • Happier Times
  • Before the Dawn

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Interested in: Only a Female Human/Elf

The foremost thing that you need to understand is that you will not be able to romance Cullen if you are in a relationship with someone else. You will have to break every other romantic interest before approaching Cullen.

Also make sure never to discuss Lyrium with him. Even if you are at the peak of your relationship, discussing Lyrium will instantly end you romantic journey.


Leliana was discovered and brought to light by Divine Justinia V who is also her mentor. She is one of the most trusty members of the Inquisition. She is the spymaster of the Inquisition and holds a fearful place in the hearts of Inquisition’s enemies.

Sadly, much sadly, you will not be able to romance her in the game.

Inner Circle Quests

  • The Left Hand of the Divine
  • Under Her Skin

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Josephine is brought into the Inquisition by a close friend, Sister Leliana. She is a nobility of Antivan Family. She is a valuable asset for the Inquisition and knows exactly how to restore order in Thedas. She loves a challenge and has far too many valuable connections at her disposal.

Inner Circle Quests

  • Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune
  • Heraldry From a Herald
  • An Unexpected Engagement

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Interested in: Anyone
When it comes to romantic interactions, Josephine knows no boundaries. She is open to every Race/Gender and is pretty easygoing.

You will be able to flirt with her after arriving at Skyhold. For more information about her romantic interactions, you can check our Romance Guide.


Morrigan can neither be considered as an Adviser nor as a Party Member.

You will come across her after the events at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral. She serves as an Imperial Liaison to the Inquisition and plays a key role as the Inquisition moves into the Arbor Wilds.

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