Dragon Age 4 Story May Focus On Tevinter, Blood Magic, Says Author

Author Alexis Kennedy (better known to some of you as formerly being with Failbetter games, which has a lot of good writing in it) has apparently hinted that the Dragon Age 4 story may focus on a threat that’s been ever-present but rarely seen in any of the Dragon Age games.

That threat is of the Tevinter Imperium, a crumbling empire ruled by mages that is known for blood magic, decadence, constantly battling the Qunari, and unleashing the Darkspawn on the world of Thedas when they attempted to usurp the Maker, the god of the setting.

While the Imperium is still a powerful nation, it has constantly been kept from conquering the rest of Thedas by their constant warring with the Qunari, who players fought in the final Inquisition DLC, Trespasser. If they’re part of the story in the upcoming Dragon Age game, something might happen to change that.

We’ve had a lot of things hinting at Tevinter in previous Dragon Age games, such as running across slavers from that nation, figures from the pasts of our various party members, or even party members themselves such as Dorian, who is a mage from the Imperium who comes to help the Inquisitor fight against the Elder One.

Going to the Tevinter Imperium in the Dragon Age 4 story will likely thrust players into an entirely different world than what is normal in Dragon Age, going into an impressive yet decaying empire where slavery and blood magic are commonplace. It’s likely to be dangerous and even more than a little frightening, especially since we’ve seen what the Tevinter can do when they actually mean business.

While hopefully we’ll get something about the Dragon Age 4 story and the game itself at E3 this year, it’ll likely be a while longer before we see the game, especially since the BioWare team is currently working on Anthem.