Dragon Age 4 News Coming In December, Says BioWare; Game Awards Appearance?

BioWare is teasing Dragon Age 4 news next month, possibly hinting that we'll be seeing something of the game at the Game Awards this year.

BioWare head Casey Hudson said on his company blog recently that we may be getting some Dragon Age 4 news in December, even though the studio is currently busy working on Anthem ahead of its early 2019 release date, so does that mean we’ll be seeing something about it at the Game Awards?

Dragon Age 4 has been a long-awaited dream of BioWare’s fanbase, especially since the last Dragon Age game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, came out four years ago, back in 2014. While Anthem is an unproven and untested property that many both at BioWare and in the fanbase are nervous about, Dragon Age is a proven property that has always sold very well.

BioWare has teased us several times over the past few years with little snippets and tidbits of Dragon Age 4 news, though there hasn’t been any sort of trailer or indication of what this new game will be about, especially given everything that happened in Inquisition.

While it’s likely we’ll be going after Solas to prevent him from merging the real world with the spirit world, there’s always the possibility that something else will take the part of the main plot instead while BioWare writes that own plotline into its own game.

Dragon Age is also part of a big worry for a number of BioWare fans; with how poorly Mass Effect: Andromeda turned out, and with BioWare beginning a major undertaking with Anthem, many gamers are worrying that the new Dragon Age game will turn out the same way, and cause the series to be put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully whatever Dragon Age 4 news comes in December will look great and allow at least one classic BioWare series to keep going, and hopefully at the same time Anthem will turn out good and prove everyone wrong about it.

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