Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Shows Bow-Wielding Character

A new piece of Dragon Age 4 concept art was posted to Christian Daley's Twitter, showing off a character wielding a bow.

As a celebration of the new year, BioWare executive producer Christian Daley has posted Dragon Age 4 concept art onto Twitter. The art piece shows off a new character whose identity remains a mystery due to wearing a helmet and armor, but they’re wielding a very cool, magical-looking bow in the picture.

We haven’t learned much about Dragon Age 4, only various rumors and a trailer that released at the 2020 Game Awards. The trailer itself seems to confirm a rumor that the game will be taking place in the Tevinter Imperium, a much-spoken-about but never-visited part of the game’s setting where mages rule and oppress the non-magical people below them.

Whether the character shown in the concept art is a new party member or a concept artist’s interpretation of the protagonist remains to be seen, but the bow they’re using, which is made up of a number of floating magical triangles, definitely points to the game having much more of a focus on magic.

Previous Dragon Age 4 teasers like the one released in late August 2020 have given us more Dragon Age 4 concept art, alongside early looks at combat and the voice actors of some of the party members, but we still haven’t found anything concrete about the game.

Players are also much more cautious this time around, as BioWare’s double-failure first with Mass Effect Andromeda and then the disaster of Anthem, plus allegations of crunch, ill developer treatment, and more at the studio have soured the image of a studio that had previously been thought to be one of the best.

The Dragon Age 4 concept art likely isn’t the only thing about the game we’ll be seeing, either. Dailey also hinted that something else would be getting revealed about the game sometime today, but so far nothing has materialized. If you’re a Dragon Age fan excited about the next entry in the series, you can keep up with his Twitter to possibly catch it for yourself.

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