Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Side Quests Guide

If you had fun with Dragon Age 2, give Legacy DLC a run to explore the Grey Warden prisons and outdoor terrains. We have prepared this Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC side quests guide to help you experience all the content the expansion has to offer.

Why do the side quests you ask? there is an achievement/trophy ‘Tower Sweeper’ for those who complete all the side quests in the prison tower of Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Side Quests

Before you go ahead with your Grey Warden prison adventure, make sure you equip yourself with unique weapons and armor. It’s necessary if you want to survive. Following are the side-quests that you need to take if you want to earn Tower Sweeper achievement or trophy.

Malcolm’s Will

This side-quest requires you to free demons from the magical prisons on Sashamiri and Farele’s floor, only to kill them later. You can take this side-quest from Sashamiri floor after defeating the first set of demons.

There are two magical barriers on the nearby walls called Mark of the Binder, interact with them and then interest with the prison to release the demon and kill it.

The second prison holds an abomination, also on Sashamiri’s floor. Interact with the seals to open the prison after fighting through the skeletons. Release the abomination and finish em off. Profaine’s will join the fight so keep that in mind.

On Farele’s floor, you will find the last prison holding a desire demon. Look for the mark of the binder in the room after the prison. Interact with them and then interact with the prison to release this demon.

Skeletons and corpses will join the fight once you attack the desire demon, so keep them in mind before releasing the demon. Devise a strategy may be, should be simple task though, if you have the gear and weapons.

Altar of Dumat

You can get this quest right after Hurlock Alpha. It requires you to get four artifacts and place them on an Altar in the tower base to do a ritual to honor Dumat. These four artifacts are Crown of Dumat, Dumat’s Sacrificial Dagger, Dumat’s Ritual Scroll and Sacred Urn of Dumat.

Dumat’s Crown
Look for it in the side room to the right of the main room. This is the item that will begin the side-quest.

Dumat’s Sacrificial Dagger
Take a left from the main path when you complete Malcolm’s Will Quest on Farele’s Floor and it will lead you to this item.

Dumat’s Ritual Scroll
Look for it in the north of Altar and up the stairs in the tower base.

Sacred Urn of Dumat
Find a small room near the 3rd Legionnaire’s journal and you will find this Urn inside it.

The Paragon’s Heir

You need to find three Legionnaire journal entries to find the body of Tethras Garen.

Journal Entry #1
You acquire the first journal entry when you get this side-quest. You will find in the tower-base, right after your first encounter with the Deepstalkers. Look for it on the peninsula, south part of the map.

Journal Entry #2
Go east from where you found the first journal entry. It’s inside a rectangular room in the northern part of the map.

Journal Entry #3
You will find it after your encounter with Spiders and Deepstalkers in the south-central part of the Tower base. Once you have collected the last journal entry, you will see a marker on the map showing you Garen’s marking place.

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