Dragon Age 2 Romance Guide

It has become a new tradition with Bioware to incorporate copulation into every game that it is developing. Hint…hint Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age Origins. Regardless of this, the ability to charm and eventually insinuate your way into bed with party members and other NPC’s returns in Dragon Age 2. In this guide, we will show you how you can go about romancing different characters in Dragon Age 2.

Dragon Age 2 Romance

The romance between characters develops in a progressive manner. It simply starts with a display of interest and then one thing leads to another until both the characters fall in love. So, it all starts with the courting phase. You show interest in the other and flirt with them. This gets both the characters into an unspoken agreement, which begins the second act.

You give them unique gifts to win their affection, complete companion quests and generally take their side in conversations while steering clear of decisions that might annoy a character you are interested in having a relationship with when playing Dragon Age 2.

All of these characters can be romanced by either gender except Sebastion, with whom only female gender can romance. While you can flirt with all possible characters, keep in mind that once you enter into a relationship with one of them, all other characters become unavailable for romance.

When you wish to fully romance with a character there are three basic rules you should keep in mind:

  • You should choose all your dialogues carefully as each character has a different personality and beliefs, you should talk accordingly and try to please them with every part of your conversation.
  • You should get them gifts, each character awaits one specific gift which is only crafted for them and can be found in act 2. For Isabela, Merril and Fenris there are additional gifts that can be found in act 3.
  • If you wish to keep things on track with your companion till the end of the game you must complete their quests. Each character has a specific quest that you have to complete at each act.


Anders is an apostate mage. The spirit justice lives inside Anders which sometimes take over him to do violent acts. So a relationship with Anders can be complicated and coupled with dangers.

You will get many opportunities to talk to Anders during the game. You should flirt with him anytime the dialogue appears. Your flirty comments will stay permanently in conversation and appear as heart icons, they will be incorporated and judged. As Anders is a very sensitive and serious person, you should avoid cracking jokes and talking against apostate mages.

In the second act, you will be allowed to romance with Anders,  by then you should develop a strong friendship with Anders. From this point onwards you should express your feeling in the conversations. Anders will keep on persuading you not to get into a relationship with him.

Will conversating with Anders in the first act you should reply like following to ensure the safety of the relationship.

After Anders mentions the Templars and the danger to him, it is obvious that he is concerned about your intentions with him. In the dialog say “You need a safer place”, “I will keep you safe” and “Stay in control.” Anders tells you that if you tie yourself to him, that you will only get hurt. Respond by saying “I can’t let you go.” The result of this conversation earns you +30 friendship points.

In the second act, you should complete the Dissent quest with Anders this will earn you further of 5 friendship points. During the quest Anders loses possession of justice and saves you. Anders gets injured in the quest, so visit him in the clinic at Darktown. Show him Sir Aric’s papers which will make him happy and unlock the questioning beliefs quest.

Then return to Anders clinic and trigger the conversation. At this point, your relationship with anders has a high potential to go to the next level. Anders then begins to tell you how he can’t resist forever if you keep on insisting. This is your chance to start the romance with a kiss.

Then the conversation will continue and Anders will tell that we both may die tomorrow, you must then say that I love you, Anders will reply how he can’t give you a normal life, etc. then Anders will tell you he will visit your room tonight. You should then leave the clinic and go to Hawkes estate.

In your room, you will observe how Anders becomes unavoidable. He will tell you that justice does not approve of his obsession with you. Tell Anders that you are glad he came over to see you. At this point a passionate kiss and an intimate encounter will follow. For this relationship to prosper you should break ties with any other character. Then dialogues begin. Anders tells you his concerns with your character getting involved with him. Then he tells that he loves you, you should reply that you love him too. He then asks you if you are willing to let the world know that you are involved with an apostate and that he will live with you in your home. Tell him “yes”. At this point, you are now in a committed relationship with Anders.


Fenris is an elf and a Tevinter slave.  His body is full of tattoo-like markings which cause him pain. At the end of act 1 you will get your first chance to flirt with Fenris. Fenris does not trust mages, so you should avoid to take him to quests which include helping mages. At the beginning of your relationship, Fenris will appear as a bit standoffish and arrogant. When you recruit Fenris there is a brief discussion about the markings which you think are offensive. Tell him you like his appearance. For which he replies later by saying flatterer, this earns you 10 points.

Your second opportunity to meet Fenris will be at the beginning of the second act. Choose diplomatic (leaf icon) comments until you get a chance to flirt with him. Fenris says “Three years and no sign of Dinarius. Maybe he has stopped chasing me”. Tell him “Hopefully he has”. Fenris then asks “What do you do when you stop running?” You tell him “You build a life”.

The conversation continues and he talks about how lyrium was fused to his body. Fenris says” I shouldn’t trouble you with this. My problems are not yours”. Since you would like to build  romance with Fenris, your response is They could be. then you say that they might be able to help him with his problems or even give him others which are obviously the good kind.

Fenris then asks you if anyone has gotten your attention. You tell him “Just you”. Fenris seems intrigued but says “I’m an escaped slave and an elf living in a borrowed mansion. None of these things bother you?” Tell him “I’m not without my faults”. Your character with then say something like “I’m a refugee and a human. That does not bother you? Fenris says “You raise an interesting point. I will have to consider it”. The result of this conversation earns you +5 friendship points. Another way to help build your relationship with Fenris is to complete any companion quest that is related to him.

At the end of this quest, Fenris will need to be alone. In your dialog, ask him if he wants to talk about it. Try to comfort him (flirt response). Fenris will still be upset, but the result of this conversation will earn +15 friendship points.

Now begins the questioning beliefs stage. Go to Fenris mansion. You will see Fenris drinking some wine. He asks you if you would like to hear a story. Say  “Tell me anything you like”. Fenris seems happy by this response. Then you should Leave Fenris mansion. Go back to Hawke’s mansion.

When you arrive at Hawke’s mansion, Fenris is there. He says “I’ve been thinking about you and nothing else. Command me to go and I shall.” Say  “Don’t go”. Fenris then gives you a passionate kiss. Your character then responds to his affections by pressing Fenris up against the wall and making out with him. An intimate encounter follows.

Afterward, Fenris has gotten up from your bed and is fully dressed. You say  “Was it that bad? “Fenris responds by saying that it was the best. A dialog will begin. Regardless of which way you try to reason with him, Fenris will leave your mansion.

At this point, it may be confusing as to whether or not your relationship has ended. However, your romance can still continue as long as you do not sleep with any other character.


She is the keeper of the Dalish elves but doesn’t have the ego or nature of someone with such a prestigious title. Merrill talks a lot, she can go out of the world while talking, which is, in fact, one of her unique attributes. Her good-natured attitude, impish behavior, and childlike wonder are a constant reminder of her naivety. Coupled with all of this she also has remarkable inner strength. Her acts in blood magic are viewed as a threat to clans integrity and are scorned.

Merrill is a blood mage with an affinity for nature. Still, she generally dislikes the Templars and the Circle. To win her over as a friend you must generally show compassion toward elves and mages as well as have a tolerance for blood mages or general blood magic use.

Big rivalry points can be attained during her Mirror Image quest in which you can refuse to give the Arulin’holm to Merrill, by simply not doing her companion quests, or by destroying each of the Evil Tomes during Forbidden Knowledge when she is in the party.

Any gender can do romance with Merrill, but require a lot of friendship or rivalry points. The best way to get things on track with Merrill is to flirt! Before questioning beliefs part in act 2 one should have at least 505 friendship or rivalry points. After that, you should make a visit to Hawke estate where you may flirt and get things swimmingly along. You should make sure to complete all the companion quests and give both gifts.

The following quests give way to flirtatious dialogue:

Act 1: Welcome Home

Act 2: Mirror Image, Back from Sundermount

By the time you get the Friend or Foe dialogue in Act 3, you’ll need to have a 100% friendship or rivalry, completed her quests and have given her gifts for the romance to fully engage.

During The Last act, you’ll need to ally with the mages if you are in a rivalry romance. In a friendship romance, you can side with the Templars. It’s imperative that you become 100% friends or rivals with the elf before The Last Straw. Otherwise, if you side with the Templars, she will leave the party.


Isabela is a former pirate and captain of The Siren’s Call ship and an optional companion so if you want to be in relationship with her, make sure you recruit her before Act 1 ends. The opportunity to flirt with Isabela doesn’t come until after the Tranquility quest in Act 1 when you visit The Hanged Man and witness an amusing spectacle involving Isabela’s complete and utter victory over several unruly patrons.

Isabella is also very sensitive and fragile. She loves jokes, the sarcasm, the money even if through extortion, and the clever and calculated way in which you deal with most matters. Even being selfish gets nods of approval from the rogue. There are times when she appears to support the mage’s cause. By the end of Act 2, it is highly recommended that you gain 100% friendship or rivalry with Isabela, lest you’d rather be rid of this ill-mannered woman.

As she wants to get rid of the issues which are coupled with love in a relationship, she becomes the most difficult if all characters to romance. You can begin dropping hints of your interest and exposing your feelings after successful recruitment of her in Act 1.

The following quests give way to flirtatious dialogue:

Act 1: Fools Rush In

Act 2: Isabela’s Ongoing Search

In Act 2, Isabela visits you at your home. This is the time to interact, you can question her about love, where she purports to be uninterested and reveals her tragic past with an unfulfilling relationship. Make sure to ask all questions in your mind and then continue down the path of romance. Interestingly, Isabela is the only companion who doesn’t move into the Hawke Estate.

Isabela has a fairly critical quest called To Catch A Thief. You’ll need to make sure you’ve completed her companion quest and Questioning Beliefs before taking on this quest, where she leaves by the end of it.

She will return in the nick of time by the very end of Act 2. At that point, you can condemn her to a life with the Arishok or just kill the Arishok. It may appear that Isabela won’t return afterward, but she does indeed by the start of Act 3.

But if you fail to complete her Questioning Beliefs quest before her disappearance in Act 2, she will never return. The final steps are to just dote on her with gifts, reach a complete friendship or rivalry, and complete Act 3’s Questioning Beliefs stage. If in a friendship romance, Isabela offers you a position on her ship, which you should accept to accelerate the romance and get further engaged. Complete the romance during The Last Straw by speaking to her.

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