Dr. DisRespect Challenged On Stream By The Undertaker

One doesn’t normally look at a Twitch streamer and think of seeing them face to face with a former professional wrestler. However, Twitch streamer Dr. DisRespect can mark himself as having that dubious honor when he was challenged on-stream by retired professional wrestler Mark William Callaway, otherwise known as…The Undertaker.

The Undertaker has been retired from wrestling for several years now, but it appears he might be willing to come out of retirement just this once to teach DisRespect a lesson after he called the streamer out during an Overwatch stream.

It’s unlikely that this will lead to an actual wrestling match, since the Undertaker could very well snap Dr. DisRespect in half, but we might be seeing some kind of match in WWE 2K20 if the Undertaker is willing to do it that way, though exactly how this confrontation will play out remains to be seen.

DisRespect has had some experience with the WWE before, mainly in terms of shooting promos that tie in with the video gaming world and wrestling itself and making appearances at previous WWE events. He’s also been known for throwing shade at other streamers in the past, and it appears that the Undertaker’s gotten tired of it.

However, Dr. Disrespect has also previously branched out from streaming, including writing an audiobook biography, which he will also be reading. Since DisRespect is just as much of a kayfabe character as the vast majority of professional wrestlers, it’s sure to be a trip.

While this new challenge could go any which way, considering the spectacle that WWE is known for, it will definitely be a show that any fan of one or both of the two sides won’t want to miss. Whether it results in a wrestling match in real life, in WWE 2K20, or in some other game, it will definitely be a show.