Deathbolt of The Arrow to Visit The Flash, Doug Jones Confirms

Doug Jones confirms that his character from Arrow will appear in The Flash. Jones further revealed on his twitter that it will come after his appearance on Arrow.

Jones not only confirmed about him becoming a part of the crossover but also shared some details about the episode in which he will appear. According to his tweet, he will appear on The Flash season one’s penultimate episode titled ‘Rogue Air’.

The Flash has already introduced Rogues like Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Pied Piper, Girder and Grodd with The Glider and Trickster in pipeline, adding Deathbolt will make Barry Allen’s life miserable.

We all had an idea that The Flash and Arrow are going to merge characters at some point (especially the ‘Rogues’) because creator Andrew Kreisberg revealed it recently that they will combine all villains in one episode.

“We are going to do something with all the Rogues. I cannot promise it is going to be this season. We know that if the original [1990s] Flash series had gotten a second season, both John [Wesley Shipp] and Mark [Hamill] have told us that the first episode was going to be a giant Rogues episode. And that sounds like maybe a good thing for us to do, what they didn’t get the opportunity to do.”

Coming back to the character at hand, Deathbolt will first make his appearance in Arrow’s ‘Broken Arrow’ and then in The Flash’s ‘Rogue Air’ on April 15 and 21 respectively.

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