DOTA Underlords Level Up Fast Guide – How to Get More Heroes

DOTA Underlords features this setting where players need to level up on every level in order for them to increase their Unit Heroes and to get a rare piece of powerful units from the shop. In each level, you are supposed to have a specific amount of XP to level up in that game. If you have more XP, you can add more characters for your battles.

You need more XP than the other player when you go in fight with them. Before choosing to fight with someone, make sure that you check what level they are on.

You can do this by looking at the player list on the left-hand side of the screen. Right next to the player’s name, you will find a circle that will have their level it.

If the opposing player has a higher level, he must have more units that will cause you to defeat. Therefore, you should consider leveling up and not headbutt in. But how do you level up fast in DOTA Underlords?

DOTA Underlords Level Up Fast

On starting a battle in each round, you are going to be rewarded with one XP. If this is not enough, you can also use Gold to buy yourself some XP. Use 5 Gold to buy yourself up to 4 XP.

This is a huge increase but for this, you need Gold and if you use all of it on gaining XP, you might get short on it. To get Gold, you need to fight battles and at the end of each round, you get around 4-5 Gold. Streaks can also give you up to 3 Gold.

On winning a battle, you will also be rewarded with +1 Gold. You can also sell the pieces you have and receive Gold in return for them.

These are a few different ways to get Gold but you cannot spend all of it in just buy yourself XP as there are few different uses of Gold as well.

Therefore, it would be better for you to fight as many battles as you can and win them in order to increase both, your EXP and Gold.