DOTA Underlords Hotkeys and PC Shortcuts Guide

In our DOTA Underlords Hotkeys and PC Shortcuts Guide, we have outlined all the PC hotkeys that you can use in the game for different effects.

Hotkeys are featured in DOTA Underlords as a shortcut to run your battles more smoothly and work with your Heroes without doing a bunch of unnecessary stuff before getting them on board. There are a few of these DOTA Underlords Hotkeys that we have found that have been collected and written you for you guys down below:

DOTA Underlords Hotkeys

Shortcuts Effects
Q Lock units for purchase.
R Refresh units in the shop using 2 Gold.
T Buy EXP using 5 Gold.
W Moves selected Hero to the bench.
E Sell the selected unit.
1-5 Spacebar: Opens or closes the Hero Shop.
Y Purchases Hero in that position.
I Opens Emote wheel
O Items Panel
P Damage Stats Panel
U Alliances Panel
Cursor Opens Items Panel but with an item automatically selected. You can use the arrow keys to move up and down. The Enter key puts you into equipping mode, and you can then use the arrows keys to select a Hero to equip the item to.
A Scrolls through the different Panels.
S During combat, view player board being attacked by you.
1-3 During combat, view player board attacking you.
Arrows Select available Item in that slot (4 with Embarrassment of Riches Global Item).
F1 Select Heroes on the board. Enter selects the hero, Arrow Keys to move it, Enter again to place it.
Right Mouse Button Shows your board.
Tab Move the selected unit to the cursor position.
Number Pad Shows the next player going from top to bottom based on your current player selection.

These are all the DOTA Underlords Hotkeys you can use in the game. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!