Dota Underlords Datamine Reveals Potential New Features

Dota Underlords' proto pass was released. Dataminers scoured it for details and they have found out tons of potential new features.

DoTA Underlords’ Proto Pass was launched over the weekend. It provides free rewards for players and a means for Valve to think of a paid future version of the pass. With the arrival of the game’s latest update, dataminers have discovered more about new features. These features might make be introduced to the game soon.

Valve News Network’s Tyler McVicker perused through the new files and posted his findings yesterday. One of the most important things appear to be evidence of a replay system, which will allow players to record and export particularly notable games. McVicker noted that there was a lot of evidence for that feature. This could mean its release might not be too far away.

What is not clear are the conditions on enhanced chat features. Turbo Mode will probably increase the pace of the the game, with faster animations and noticeably shorter breaks between rounds.  However, there is not much information available about it.

McVicker also found out about new heroes. 15 Dota heroes who have yet to be introduced in Underlords were in the latest datamine. This suggests that the list of characters is likely to change. This also might mean that the game dynamics are about to be readjusted. This would be to balance the game as the new characters would threaten to make the game one sided.

The eponymous Underlords themselves are also very important. Information on them is scarce, but 3D models for four of the ten were found in the data files. They’re reminiscent of Teamfight Tactics’ Little Legends, but McVicker says that they’ll all have their own effect, changing the way the game plays.

There’s no confirmed release date for any of the new features mentioned above. There’s not even a guarantee that they will eventually make their way to the game. McVicker speculates, however, that many of them will roll out over the next couple of weeks – Underlords updates usually arrive on Thursdays, so keep an eye out towards the end of this week.